10 Crucial Tips On How To Drive Safely In The Rain To Avoid Any Bad Accidents

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driving in the rain safest tips

Driving in the rain can be very challenging. You got a limited view, slippery road, splash everywhere, and many other problems. While modern cars come with tons of safety equipment, there is no doubt that your driving ability is mattered the most. Whether it is a downpour or just a sprinkler, a small slip and miss maneuvering can lead to an accident. To avoid that, here are some tips on how to drive safely in the rain you should know about.

Tips And Trick Of Driving Safely Despite Under Rain Every Driver Should Know 

1.Check Your Equipment Thoroughly, Double If It Is Possible.

Whether you are going under the heavy rain or just a normal daily drive, it is recommended to always check your car’s equipment. Being prepared is one way to avoid any misfortune on the road. So what you should check? Worth noting that it is not only the availability but also the condition. How good is your tire? Can it withstand the slippery road? How about the other feature such as the wiper or the car defogger? All in all, you should check them all.

There are some key features which are very important for driving in the rain. The taillights, headlight, and windshield wipers are the most basic features you should see and check for the first time. It is also advised to check the tread of your vehicle’s tires. The thread should be visible and avoid balding tires which can reduce traction on the wet road.

2.Ventilate Your Car Or Tuning On Car Defogger

You already got limited vision due to the heavy mist, fog, and water droplets. Don’t make it even worse with having a foggy window which limits your view. So, what to do to avoid this condition? the basic knowledge for every driver will be to ventilate your car. Yes, as simple as opening your window will be enough to reduce or even removing the fog. But why this condition occurs? The answer will be because the rain increases the humidity level significantly.

You should not underestimate this condition. If you found that the fog is starting to develop, roll down the windows, clean it with fabric, or you can turn on your car defogger. Granted if you got a car with more advanced technologies. Some of the newer vehicles come with ventilation systems that allow you to reduce the type of fog that produced inside the interior and windshield. So, how to drive safely in the rain tip will be pulling over.

3.Use Your Windshield Wiper To Clear Rain Droplets

Another thing you should consider is utilizing the windshield wipers. Yes, your wiper is 100% designed to clean up and clear off any water droplets on your window. This a very basic common sense for every driver. You might always turn it under a heavy rain condition, but you also have to turn it on even under a light rain. It can clean up the water droplet or break any running water on your car window.

With modernized technology, now a lot of wipers come with more interesting features. Some are completed with an adjustable speed which you can choose base on the rain condition. Use a slower wipe for sprinkler rain and the max speed for a downpour. Some products have automatic wipers which turned on when rain starting to pour. Thus, make sure to check this equipment and turn it on when you drive.

4.Turning On Your Headlights

The next how to drive safely in the rain tip is to always turn on your headlight. Why? people tend to forget how important this idea is. Just as simple as turning on your headlight will boost your visibility. It is particularly very important when there is an intense mist or low visibilities. This thing is not only beneficial for you but also other drivers. With the headlight on, they will be able to see your car on the road and avoid any kind of collision.

While the headlight is very important, it is also great to consider turning on your tail light. In many cases, tail light will always on and give enough light for your car backside. This will help other vehicles behind you to locate your car. At the same time, the light will be a great marker at how far the distance is. So, both you and the car behind you will be in a great safe distance to avoid any accident. You can make sure everything works okay before you set off.

5.Avoid Doing Heavy Breaking

There is a reason why you move slowly. It is to avoid any kind of heavy braking. What is means by heavy breaking is the fact that you have to stop rather sudden. The thing is, wet weather or rain will make the room very slippery. It can cause hydroplaning, lose traction, and steering misfit. What will happen next is quite predictable. You might crash to other vehicles or get a worse accident that you will never want to happen.

Rather than hitting your break quite harshly, the how to drive safely in the rain will be slowing down your car. Moderate your breaking and slowly taking your foot off the accelerator pedal. Awareness is the key! You can do it earlier than you normally would. This is the best way to prepare the slowing down and stopping at the right time. It is also recommended to avoid using cruise control, so the vehicles will be 100% under your control.

6.Drive Slowly Yet In Consistent Speed

Let’s start pushing your gas pedal. While you doing so, make sure you will cruise the road slowly and have a consistent speed. Understand that the road can be slippery. Regardless of how cool your car is, driving in the wet weather requires patience. This particular condition is very dangerous and can lead to a crash. Experts explain that the car will have a slower response. Speeding is bad under the rain, just don’t ever think about it!

7.Maintain Safe Distance Between Any Other Vehicles

Another thing you might already know is to maintain a safe distance. This is very basic and must be done whether it is raining or on a bright sunny day. keeping a greater distance between you and the car in front of you will be very helpful to avoid an unwanted bumper crash. This particular tip will be very necessary to do when you are under the rain on driving on the wet weather. Many drivers consider the perfect safe distance as 3-second rules.

What is means? You can say that the driver should stay a full two-second behind the car that located in front of you. The thing is, this rule is applied for whatever speed you are traveling at. In the case of driving under the rain, you will have to face the slippery road and limited visibilities. So, stopping your vehicle will be more difficult. That is why how to drive safely in the rain tip is important.

8.Let Off The Gas In Case Your Car Is Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is very dangerous, but people tend to not understand this condition. The hydroplaning is when the car starts to slide uncontrollably. The main reason was due to the tires encounter more water than the thread can handle it. This particularly happens when the driver moves at high speed over wet roads. So, what to do when you Hydroplane? Avoid making sudden turns and breaking. Then, take your foot off from the accelerator and steer it.

9.Watch Out For Standing Water

One of the real reasons why cars tend to hydroplane was due to driving over the standing water. A wet road is already dangerous and slippery, if you drive over this puddle then the chance of hydroplaning will be increased significantly. It may sound and looks exciting looking at the water splashing around your car, but hydroplane is way scarier than you think. You can drive around to avoid the water.

10.Wait Until The Weather Improves Or Getting Better

The last tip that will be the easiest how to drive safely in the rain advice, and probably the thing you should consider in the first place is waiting. If you got time to wait, then take the time and be patient. Eventually, the rain will be stopped or at least the weather will improve. From the heavy downpour to light rain. There is no reason to put yourself in danger when it is not necessary. So, cancel or wait if it is necessary.

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All in all, you can say that your safety is in your hand. Especially, if you are driving under a heavy downpour. Your car might have filled with advanced technologies to reduce any accident, but if you can’t control your car perfectly, accidents can occur every time. This why cruising or driving in the rain is quite difficult. You can consider the 10 tips mentioned before and make sure your trip will be safe without any accident.

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