5 Different Types Of Honda Civic You Should Know Before You Buy

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The Brand New Honda Civic Sport Trim

There is no doubt that Honda has been known as one of the greatest players in the vehicle and transportation field. Numerous products have been released with different kinds of perks and abilities. One of the famous cars is the Honda Civic. It’s been years since the car first released, yet the production still one of the most demanded ones. There are at least 5 types of trims you can choose from Civic. What are they? here some information you should know about them.

Here Are Five Different Kind Of Trims Or Model Of 2020 Civic You Can Find In The Market

1.The Greatest Honda Civic Touring And The Sport Touring Trims

Let’s start with the highest level Civic trim. In this case, you can find the touring model with the best performance and also the top of the price. Worth noting that Civic comes with three body types: a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, and a four-door hatchback. Take that information in mind. So, what body type of this Civic touring and the sport touring you will get? The answer will be a coupe and sedan type of body for the Civic Touring trim.

On the other hand, the sport-touring will be available as the hatchback design. How about the Honda Civic engine and machinery? You can say that the sedan and coupe will be powered with the standard 158-horsepower engine. However, for the highest level of civic trim, you can expect that it also comes with the optional 174 horsepower engine. If you opt for the hatch design, the car will be powered with a more punching machine, the 174 horsepower engine.

This is the thing, there is a reason why these trims hit the highest hierarchy in the series. Don’t be surprised, as you know how high the level is then you can expect a very high price as well. The civic touring coupe cost around $27,250 while the sedan is around $27,700. For the hatchback sport touring, the price will be starting from $28,150. So, what you get? There are tons of things you can get that won’t be available in the lower trim level.

There are some features such as rain-sensing windshield wipers. There are also 10 speakers for coupe and sedan, while the hatchback Honda Civic gets 12 speakers. This a definite upgrade from the previous series. it also has a brand new navigation system along with heated rear outboard seats and the power-adjustable front passenger seat. All of the car types come with a manual gearbox, but if you want a CVT transmission, then you have to add $800.


2.The Sedan And Hatchback Civic Ex-L

Honda Civic Ex-L Driveandcar

Surprisingly, you got some options that come with a powerful engine for this trim. The Civic EX-L has two body types you can choose from. The sedan and the hatchback from the Civic EX-L somehow have greater power than any other trim. The Sedan model incorporates 174 horsepower engines plus the CVT. On the other hand, the hatchback design has the greater 180-horsepower that also mated with CVT automatic gearbox for a better experience.

But does it worth your money? Well, the answer will depend on your budget and preferences. This trim that has a sedan built that priced started from $25,000 while the hatchback model will be around $25,450. Not a bad price for the powerful engine. At the same time, the Honda Civic also equipped with an auto-dimming rearview mirror for better driver assistance. You can also find the comfortable and stylish leather-trimmed seats in the inside.


3.The 2020 Honda Civic EX Model An alternative for Ex-L Trim.

Honda Civic EX Driveandcar

Getting lower on the class, you got the EX model which cost around 24,250 dollars for a hatchback, 23,800 dollars for a sedan, and around 23,600 for the coupe model. You can see that the price difference from the EX-L and the EX model is not that big. This thigh gap of different also occurring on the engine part. The hatchback has 180hp while the sedan and the coupe move with 174hp plus CVT gearbox which is almost the same from the higher tier.

For the feature, you can expect that every EX trim comes with tons of interesting charms such as a moonroof, satellite radio, HD radio, heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and the great driver-assist Honda LaneWatch blind-spot monitoring. You can also find an eight-way power-adjustable driver seat on the Honda Civic hatchback and sedan. While the coupe will be equipped with a premium 10-speaker sound system.


4.The Brand New Honda Civic Sport Trim

The Brand New Honda Civic Sport Trim

This trim is quite new for Civic. Come as the base sport trim, you can get this trim starting from $21,550 for a sedan, 32,850 dollars for a coupe, and 22,850 dollars for the hatch model. Once again the difference of the model will mainly on the engine. The base engine will be equipped on the sedan and coupe, while the hatch has a turbo-four engine. The feature in it will be Apple, car play, 7-inch touch screen, leather-wrapped steering wheel, etc.

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5.Honda Civic LX the lowest or the most basic of Civic trims

Honda Civic LX

LX trim is the lowest of the level which priced around $21,750 for the hatch, $21,050 for a coupe, and $20,650 for a sedan. The hatch will come with 174hp turbo-four, while the 158hp four-cylinder engine will be in the sedan and coupe. The three options all come with the same standard features. 5′ screen, four stereo speakers, multi-angle rearview cameras, Honda Civic sensing suite of safety features, adaptive cruise control, road departure warning, and many other things.

It can be said that Civic has come far to this day. It keeps on improving and getting better every year. For the latest update, you can find that Honda added several standard features for the series. They also update the exterior styling for the coupe and sedan model, even come with new Sport trim. All of the types come with different perks and prices which is worth noticing. You can choose the most appropriate trim base on your preference and needs.

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