8 Critical And Important Tips Of How To Drive Safely In The Fog

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driving in the fog

Driving in the fog – Fog is scary and you got very low visibility under this condition. With that condition, there is no wonder that you will be better to stay at home and enjoy some warmth. But how if you have to go out and drive under this dark time? To be true, no restriction states you can’t drive in fog. But it needs a lot of attention to avoid a crash. So to help you with it, here are some tips on how to drive safely in the fog you should know beforehand.

Tips On How You Should Drive During The Heavy Fog Day You Should Be Aware Of

1.Be Focus And Minimize Distraction

Have you ever wonder why a blind person have better hearing comprehension? The thing is, when one sense is gone, then you will be forced to enhance the other. This idea also applies when you driving under this low visibility condition. You must try to perk up other senses (especially the hearing) to notice all around you. In this case, many people will say that you should focus by minimizing any kind of distraction and not a great time for multi-tasking.

You can enhance your hearing by turning off or silencing your phone and the car stereo or radios. It is also advised to stop conversations with other passengers. All you need is to maintain the focus. Keep your attention glued on the road. At the same time, it is better to put away all of the distracting items such as your phone. Placing it on the easy to reach yet not distracting spot will be the best. In this case, opt to put it on the glove compartment.

2.Drive Slowly And Be Aware Of Your Surrounding

If you look for the best safety measurement for driving, then the answer will be drive slowly. Worth noting that people tend to underestimate this condition since they don’t have to worry about slip or skid. It is otherwise though. Other than having a very low view, if the day is freezing, fog can freeze on the road and cause the slippery black ice. This is why expecting this condition will be one of the best how to drive safely in the fog tip you should consider.

One way to prevent and avoid that problem is by driving slowly. With this idea, you will be able to hit the break at the right moment or slowing down earlier. Another reason why you should reduce your speed is that you are unable to see clearly. You can imagine how if suddenly you find that someone is crossing the road? By driving slowly, it will help you stop faster and avoid any kind of accident such as crashing into another vehicle, animal, or people.

3.Don’t Turn On The Cruise Control

The cruise control feature is really helpful at some point. The system automatically controls the motor vehicle’s speed. In many cases, this advanced technology is very helpful for drivers who are driving on the highway. It will help the driver set the exact speed they need. Even though you have to bring the vehicle up to speed manually at first, but then with simply pressing a cruise control button, the system will set the current speed as the limit.

A great innovative technology indeed, but not for driving when the road is foggy. You may able to set the lowest speed with cruise control, however, the limited visibilities will demand you be aware all time. You need full control of your vehicle. Which is means, you should drive it manually. Take control of the steering wheel, brakes, and the gas pedal. With this, you won’t need to be panic if you encounter a sudden stop or people crossing the road.

driving in the fog

4.Turn On Low Beam Headlight And Fog Light

Low beam or high beams? You might think that the high beam provides wider illumination to the road, while the low beam focuses on the light. There is nothing wrong with that idea, but surely you should dip your high beam in the fog. It is a bad choice whatsoever. Why? because fog contains water in it. If you use the headlights, the full beam will eventually be reflected by the fog toward you. This why consider to use the headlight as how to drive safely in the fog tip.

However, it is very important to make yourself visible or seen by any other vehicle. While you should opt-out of the high beam, it will be better to turn on the fog light. What is this? In any case, make sure your car is equipped with this feature as well. Especially if your location has a high chance of fogs. The fog light is usually low-mounted in your bumper. It provides a flat beam that doesn’t reflect and hinder any other driver’s sight.

In many cars, you can add these features that majorly available in two options. The rear fog light and the light front. The front model will help illuminate the road and make your vehicle more visible to other drivers. For the rear fog light, the kit will help the other driver who is following you see your vehicle from a greater distance. So, they can keep a safe distance between you and their car. You can also turn on the taillight as the alternative.

5.Turn On The Defrosters And Windshield Wipers

Fog is similar to rain. It is a cloud that stays at the ground surface level. Creating dense water droplets that suspended in the atmosphere. Then the dense number reduces the visibility below 180 m. What makes it familiar with rain is the water content. Even though it is not pouring, but consistent exposure of fog will make the humidity rising and gather water on the windshield. So how to drive safely in the fog tip will be to use your wiper.

They will hinder your already limited visibilities. That is why it is better to turning on the wiper to get rid of them. You can adjust the speed according to how severe the water that gathered on your window. At the same time, it will help limit the excess moisture on the window. Defroster or the defogger is a system that will clear condensation and thaw any frost that happened from the windshield, side windows, and the back glass of your car.

6.Beware Of Animal Or Pedestrian

There is no doubt that a crossing creature will eventually hinder your riding. If you are driving in the countryside, then be aware of wildlife that tends to come out to the road. One particular animal, the whitetail deer, feels bolder inside the fog, and hard to see. The low visibility means you have a lower time to see them and react accordingly. It also applies to them that have a hard time seeing you.

How if you drive in the city? Your main focus will be the pedestrian and people who likely cross the road. It would be good if they wore a bright and striking cloth, but if they don’t, then you should be aware of their existence. This is a great time, to enhance your ear and listen to your surroundings. If you hear people walking by, then the best how to drive safely in the fog will be to slow down your car and make sure they pass safely and okay.

7.Increase The Following Distance Or Your Save Distance From Other Vehicle

To ensure you have the proper time to react and stop at the right time, think about the safe distance. This is common knowledge for every driver, that they have to make sure to have 2 or 3-second rules. Make sure you are 2 or 3 seconds away from the car in front of you. But in the day when the fog is very thick, it would be better to increase that safe distance. Instead of 2 seconds behind another vehicle, you better count the distance by at least 5 seconds distance.

8.Use Roadside Reflector As Your Road Guide

Many experts advise using the roadside reflector as your guide. This is very simple yet crucial when driving under a thick fog. The reflector material will tell you the line and the road condition. In this case, you better opt to walk slower and drive very cautiously along the side. At the same time, the reflector will bring enough guide as to how far your distance with the pathway and how fast your vehicle is. A nice and easy how to drive safely in the fog tip you should remember.

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Many people underestimate how severe the fog condition can be. They drove just like a normal regular drive because they thought it is okay. Worth noting that your visibility matters the most when driving. In this condition, you won’t be able to see clearly and have to be extra aware of whatever around you. Hitting unlikely animal, crash, and driving in the wrong way direction tend to happen. So, make sure you know the safe drive to avoid any kind of misfortune.

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