8 Ways to Prevent Car Doors from Rusting that Work Effectively

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Prevent Car Doors from Rusting

Car doors are parts of cars that are prone to rust. It is because cars’ body, including car doors, is made from iron. When it makes contact with salt water and oxygen, rust can appear on it. Rust is not only found on old cars but also new vehicles.

Even when the vehicles are made from corrosion resistant materials, without proper protection and maintenance, they are still susceptible to rust. Rust should be treated as soon as possible otherwise; it will be getting more difficult to reverse. Here are 8 ways to prevent car doors from rusting.

8 ways to prevent car doors from rusting: keeping the cabin dry

Once rust starts on car doors, it will be very difficult to stop it from spreading to other parts of the vehicle. The first thing to keep a car free from rust is to keep the car interior dry. High moisture levels in the interior can spread to the exterior.

There are a number of reasons why car interior gets wet. Things like wet clothes, wet shoes, and wet pets can cause condensation inside the car, increasing the humidity level in the cabin. The water containing in wet clothes and other items evaporates in the cabin and can be heavily soaked, causing the carpet and seats wet. Other reasons for wet interior are a water leak and the absence of fresh air circulation.

Therefore, to keep car interior dry, make sure you don’t put any wet items into your car. If there are any spills, directly soak them up. It’s also important to check the windows and doors in case there are some leaks.

Park carefully

You might be questioning how and where a car is parked can cause rusting. The explanation is simple. Rust is more likely to form in a place that has high humidity level including in a damp, poorly ventilated garage. Therefore, you have to pay attention on where and how your park your car as it is one of the major determining factors that attract rust.

There are several ways to reduce condensation in a garage. Controlling garage’s temperature, applying floor coating, using a vapor barrier, and installing dehumidifier are things you can do to keep a garage dry. Parking your car outdoor on a surface covered by dirt, snow, and grass is also a bad idea. If you don’t want your vehicle to expose to unneeded moisture, try to park on a paved surface.

Keep your car clean

Washing car is the cheapest way to protect the value of your car as well to maintain its appearance. Contaminants including rust can damage the great looking paint and finish on your car. That is why either having your car washed or doing it on your own is a necessity.

Ideally, you should wash your car once a week and apply a wax coating once a month. Consider washing the underbody especially if you live near the ocean or in a warm climate. The underbody is the area where all the road salt and grime builds up. Leaving it to fester can cause a serious problem.

Using electronic module

An electronic module is often called as an electronic rush inhibitor. It is a small device installed in your car. However, there is still a debate whether this gadget really works effectively to prevent car from rusting. It is more often used in boats than in cars. Many people say that it only works when the car is submerged with water.

If you are interested in this device, it’s highly recommended to consult a technician because an electronic module is a bit pricey. Moreover, there are different electronic rustproofing methods available and each of them has its own strength and drawbacks.

Zink coated steel

Rusting happens when a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen is exposed to water. The oxygen takes electron from the iron, causing the iron to dissolve and slowly disappear, resulting in rust. This oxidation occurs with most metals and the process is gets more quickly when water combines with the chemicals contained in road salt and acid rain.

Cars are made of steel and iron is the main ingredient of steel. Coating the iron with zinc can be a way to prevent the car from rusting as the zinc dissolves first. It will protect the steel from corrosion until the zinc itself dissolves away.

Using rust prevention spray

Rusting is a serious issue. Before it happens, you should do some prevention methods. One of the low-cost ways is to use rust prevention sprays for cars. They cost only from 5 – 20 dollars. Compared to repair costs that can weigh you down, using rust prevention spray can really mitigate these costs.

There are several types of rust prevention sprays such as inhibitors, removers, and primers. When buying rustproofing products, be sure to choose the one with good quality meaning that they should be able to protect your vehicle in a long period of time, have short drying time, and contain chemical components that do not damage your hands over time.

Apply oil undercoating

Oil undercoating provides a layer of protections against rust. It means it prolongs the life of your car. You can have it applied in the nearest dealer or apply it on your own to the damaged areas.
Inspect your car regularly.

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One of the ways to prevent rush formation is doing regular inspection. There are numerous hidden places where rust can buildup. Check the wheel wells, bumpers, trunk, door jambs, fenders, and the underside of your car. Make sure these areas are cleaned and well-maintained.

Spotting iron oxide in car doors is definitely a nightmare for car owners. Keep in mind that rust is not just a cosmetic issue. Not only does it make the car look unsightly, rotting metal reduces the car’s resale value and affects the car’s structural integrity.

Prevention is always better than cure. Before rusting process corrupts the metal, try some of the 8 ways to prevent car doors from rusting.

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