9 Essential Car Maintenance Tips And Steps Every Driver Can Do

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Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance Tips – Knowing how to maintain and check ones’ vehicle is a particular knowledge every driver should know. So, who said that you should go to an auto repair shop just to check your car condition? There are at least some ways or steps you as a car owner can do to take care of your beloved four-wheel vehicle. It’s not even difficult to do. So to save some money and check it by yourself, here are the essential car maintenance tips you can do at home.

9 Tips And Steps Of Car Maintenance Every Car Owner Should Know

1.Engine Oil Maintenance

Engine oil is the first thing you should always check and maintain. Every day or may every few weeks is good. How to check them? You can see the stickers on your windshield that show the odometer reading. It will tell you the recommended point for when you must change the oil again. Note that not every vehicle is not the same. So, make sure you got the sticker or at least understand the vehicle manual very clearly.

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Worth noting that the synthetic oil tends to last longer. It even longer than the regular oil. With that said, your car manufacturer should offer guidance on the average mileage and the viscosity per oil change. If your car has reached the target, then it should be changed. This part is one of very essential car maintenance tips. You can do dipstick. When the oil has a muddy texture and looks dark, that means it is time for a change. Translucent oil is a good one.

2.Car Batteries Check

A car battery is important in running a healthy vehicle. So what to check on the car battery? You should look for any crack, dirt, corrosion, frayed cables, or any signs of damage in the outer casing. One thing for sure, you don’t need to do a complete check. Just a simple 60-second inspection can help you see the condition of your car battery. Is it good or not? if you found some little cracks, ask mechanics for a solution.

3.Tires Condition

Don’t forget your tires. What to check about the tire? Consider the pressure and the tread. A simple walk around can be a solution to figure out the tire pressure. If you find the steering wheel is hard to control, highly possible your tire is under-pressure. There are essential car maintenance tips to check the tire tread using a Lincoln penny. Face the penny upside down. When you see the very top of the Lincoln head, that means it’s time to replace the tire.

Car Maintenance Tips

4.Other Fluids In Your Car

Washer fluid, engine coolant, steering fluid, and antifreeze are worth maintaining. You can even do it manually. If you find the washer fluid running low, then you can easily refill it. The other fluids come with gauges and dipstick, so it is fairly easy to check whether you need to refill or replace it. If the problem is refilling, you can do it by yourself. But if the antifreeze and coolant need flush, it is better to take it to repair shop.

5.Spark Plugs Efficiency Check

If you find your car struggling to accelerate, has worsening fuel economy, and have trouble starting the engine or there are weird misfire sounds, then you have to replace the spark plug immediately. Referring to your car manual is the best thing to do when you are looking at the spark plugs. The essential car maintenance tips will be the tip and the electrode part should not the black from engine dirt. If it does, then replace or clean it.

6.Windshield And Wipers Replacement

Many people don’t care about this part. But in fact, your windshield and wiper blade takes a lot of beating as well. How to check it? if you find there is a chip on it, then you may have to change it. You can also see if there is leftover water streaking to the windshield after every swipe. If you do find it, then it is best to replace it Worth noting that every wiper and its blade has different size and length, so make sure you got the right one.

7.Air And The Cabin Filters Quality

What is air and cabin filter? You can say that the cabin filter will block pollutants that can go through the car HVAC system. While the air filter is used to keep debris, dirt, and other contaminants to affect the engine. The essential car maintenance tips to check them is by looking at some of these signs. Bad fuel efficiency, worsening performance (look at the maintenance timeframe), smell like odd musty odor and look at how dirty the filters are.

8.Safety Belts Condition

Never underestimate the safety aspect and the importance of safety belts. A great belt should have enough holds and thigh enough to strap your whole boy. You can do some simple maintenance by a quick check on its appearance, and tension. When you find the belt has a fraying part, cracks, and the tensions are loosening, then let the mechanic handle it. It either needs correction or replacement.

9.Engine Light Turned On

If one time you found the check engine light is on, there are always reasons behind it. However, when it is turned on, it doesn’t give the owner any context beyond the light. So, it can either something nothing serious or it is. There are some reasons for it, that is why the essential car maintenance tips will be considering the light. It may indicate spark plug failure, need to replace the exhaust gas recirculation valve, etc.

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At least those are the tips and tricks to check and maintain your car condition. Doing all of the steps doesn’t require you to go to the auto repair shop. On the other hand, you can easily do them fairly quickly. Just check the condition by looking at it or take the bare safety measurement. From the engine, tires, windshield, even the safety belts, you can check and maintain their condition. Go to the repair shop if you found any strange things.

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