Car Wax: How Often Should It Be Done?

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Car Wax

Not a lot of car owners wax their car, because they think a proper washing is enough to get rid of dust, birds feather, a sticky moist stain. When in fact, washing your car is not enough. A car wax helps to provide an extra layer of protection against pollution or animal droppings for a while. Wax does not necessarily make your car all new shining and splendid but at least, it creates a better look and stain-sanctuary.

How Often A Car Wax Is Needed?

In the least condition, a minimum car wax amount of twice a year. Both in the summer and winter temperature. It helps shield against the snow, rain, falling leaves, birds’ dung and other related things. This also helps to remove the previous seasons’ stain such as flower dusts.

Some people, on the other hand, tend to do an extreme amount of car waxing, such as once per week or per two weeks. While experts are not saying it wrong, as long as it has been done in a proper and correct way, this will waste money more than it actually needs to be. No need this extreme type of car waxing.

The average and best amount of car waxing, based on car experts, stand about three to four times a year, which span in three to four months. Good quality car waxing can contain all the dust and provide enough protection for those timespans. They even work for likely six months since getting wax.

Of course, this does not apply if you are living in tropical countries that only have two seasons. A wax should be applied depending on your habitants’ condition, season, and temperature. You can apply a car wax every two years to get rid of numerous dusts during a dry season and heavy pouring rain during a rainy season. But again, doing a car wax every week or months is not necessary.

Should I Wax My Car By Hand or By Machine?

Some people are wondering which one is better: waxing car by hand or by machine. Well, it all depends on the situation, time, and budget. Waxing car definitely takes a whole amount of energy and time, but still recommended for those who have much time, since it spends less money than doing it by machine on a workshop

This aside the fact that on the other side, waxing hand by machine is more thorough and simply done. Especially when you are waxing your car in a workshop, you will also have a chance to polish your car before waxing. This is a two times job that shall be tiring for an average car owner who is not an expert in the field of automotive.

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People who are waxing their car by hand tend to not polishing their car first which creates a bad side effect. If only you have more time to polish your car before waxing it off, again, it is better to wax your car by hand. Eve experts recommend for people to wax their own car by hand, since it is more detailed and delicately done.

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