Complete Guide: Can I Get a U.S. Driver’s License on a Visitor Visa?

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Can I Get a U.S. Driver’s License on a Visitor Visa

Everyone driving on road must have a driving license, likewise in the U.S. But what about foreigners who only stay temporarily but need a valid driver’s license?

Here we will answer your question, “Can I get a U.S. Driver’s License on a Visitor Visa?”. Before we’re going to the main answer and additional information, I give you good news.

Short-Terms Visitors

Short terms visitor is tourist who will be staying in United States up to 90 days or three months, within a six month period.

Country’s Driver’s License is Valid

Of course, you can use your own Driver’s License in most states in U.S. but remember it only valid for three months. You must bring your passport when you’re driving.

How About International Driving Permit (IDP), Is It Needed?

Yes, only if your national driver’s license is not in English. You need to apply for an IDP. Your license will be translated to English.

Apply your IDP in your country before you travel because you can’t apply IDP in U.S. and beware of IDP scams.

Long-Terms Visitors or Residents but Non-U.S. Citizens

Visitors who arrived in U.S. having B1/B2 visa may stay in the country for long period. In this term you need U.S. driver’s license but if only you are eligible to apply or the states let you to have it.

And now we answer your question.

Can I get a U.S. Driver’s License on a Visitor Visa?

Yes, you can. If only you’re a long-term visitor and your state where you live gives permission. Short-terms visitors don’t really need it.

Some U.S. states require visitors to take a driving test but other states allow visitors to exchange their national license to U.S. license without taking any driving test.

Driver’s License Making Requirements

Any person who needs to apply for a U.S. driver’s license has to submit some documents. They are:

  1. Passport to proof your identity with valid visa.
  2. Printed I-94 form to verifies the date you must depart.
  3. National driver’s license or international driving permit.
  4. Document of vehicle registration.
  5. Two documents confirming your residency and mailing address in a state where you live.

Get Prepared for a Driver’s License Test

DMV website prepares you the knowledge test. You can download the current Driver’s Manual from this website. You can also learn Driver’s Manual in other website to complete your sources.

It’s better if you do training while learning because it will help you better understand. Trying to answer all questions until you fill it automatically. Target of this knowledge test is 80% you can answer correctly.

Do The Test in a Driver Licensing Office?

Find out an office near you that can conduct a DMV permit test and the schedule is available or you can make an appointment first before getting the test.

There will be quite crowd of people but that’s the way you get your driver’s license. First place that you have to come is information desk. In this place, they will ask your documents and then they will give your personal number.

Wait for a few minutes (depend on the queue) and you will be called by the officer. Show the documents again and they will check your eyesight using an equipment.

Taking a photo that normally against a blue drop and next they will take your fingerprint and you will get your ticket.

After you have done with the registration process, the test will be start. You will sit in front of DMV computer and there will be your name. The test rules will be showed.

Each question there are multiple answer options and you must choose the right one and then press OK and the computer will ask you to confirm the answer and then press OK.

You can see the temporary result at the bottom of the screen. You will see the correct, incorrect answer, and questions left. You can skip the question if you feel the question too difficult and it will move to other question.

You can make several rounds of questions until you get the required number.

After knowledge test you need to go to officer and make an appointment for road test. Before you do this test, you have to sure with all of your practice.

Do The Road Test

On this test, you may rent a car or borrow it. You can choose either one of it. DMV office will ask your identification documents and also car insurance document. While the test, you should keep focus on your training and you will be asked to do these following maneuvers and tasks:

  • Road positioning
  • Parallel parking
  • How to using parking brake
  • How to check blind spot
  • Knowing hand signals
  • How to moving off
  • Control the speed
  • Traffic checking
  • Completely stopping technique
  • Doing U turns

Parallel parking is stricter than you think, parking on side roads or back yards will not adequate. You need to practice more and more.

As long as you obey the rules in U.S. you will not get a penalty point.

You Should to Bear on This When Driving in The U.S.

If you don’t need to take driving test, you should aware with the local traffic laws. Before you drive in U.S. please research first the local traffic laws and keep your mind on focus.

Please note this following direction:

  1. Remember the driver position, in U.S. driver on the left so driving on the right.
  2. Always carry your driver’s license, passport, and vehicle registration certificate all the times.
  3. Don’t texting while driving.
  4. “Right on Red” rule means at a red light motorist are allowed to turn right if there are no other vehicles or pedestrians.

Just remember to obey traffic rules wherever you are, safety number one.

That’s all our answer of “Can I get a U.S. Driver’s License on a Visitor Visa?”. Hope it will help you.

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