Did You Know that Car Tires Have Maximum Speed Limit

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Maximal Speed Limit of Car Tires Maximal Speed Limit of Car Tires

Drivers often experience tire rupture. The causes of tire rupture also varies. The main cause of tire rupture is the deteriorating condition of the tire. But car tire bursts can also be caused by the car’s speed exceeding the maximum safe limit for tire speed.

Not many people know about the speed limits of tire can be tolerated. So, many people are just step on the gas pedal without paying attention.

In fact, it is important to know that tires have a safe speed limit. You can find information that can be found from the Speed Symbol printed on the tire.

Tires Have a Maximum Speed Limit.

The speed symbol is a sign indicating the maximum speed a tire can be tolerated. Usually, it is also related to the load index which is the safe limit of the load that can be carried.

The speed symbol is printed on the tire. To be sure, you must see it directly. The code in the Speed Symbol usually uses certain letters. This code can vary depending on the tire manufacturer. However, most of it is in only one letter. Then, each letter has its own meaning representing a special speed safe limit.

For the Dunlop brand itself, the lowest tire speed limit is symbolized by the letter F which means the maximum speed limit of your vehicle is 80 km / hour.

There is also a speed rating P for a speed of 150 km / hour. While the highest is coded (Y) which represents tires for speeds of 300 km / h and above.

The driver must know the exact speed rating on the tire. Make sure not to drive the car speed beyond the maximum tire speed limit. If you reach more than the specified limit, the car will be difficult to control and also easily sway. This is certainly dangerous if this happens on a busy street.

Not only that, if the maximum safety limit for tire speed is violated and the tire condition is bad, the threat of tire rupture can occur and fatal accidents can occur.

Tires that have a high maximum safe speed limit are expensive.

You can also change tires according to the speed you want. Choose the maximum tire speed that suits your driving style. so, you can drive the car comfortably and safely.

Keep in mind, tires that have a high maximum speed symbol have a high price. The higher the tire speed limit, the more expensive the tire’s price is.

But don’t just say that your tires have a high-speed symbol so, you can drive whatever you want. You must comply with the specified road speed limit regulations. It is important to remember driving at high-speed also has a high risk of accidents as well. Drive within reasonable limits, so as not to violate traffic rules.

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