Diesel Exhaust Fluid Explanation and How to Use It

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Every people who have a car need to understand diesel exhaust fluid explanation and how to use it. Every car must have diesel exhaust fluid to be consumed for reducing the air pollution created by a diesel engine. Diesel exhaust fluid consists of the non-hazardous component, which is 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water.

To have a fluid that could do technology like that, there’s a long way of creating it. The history of diesel exhaust fluid first used for selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It is for the convenient of diesel engine, especially for diesel truck and mass vehicle. Below we will explain diesel exhaust fluid explanation and how to use it.

Knowing Diesel Exhaust Fluid Explanation

Diesel exhaust fluid, often abbreviated as DEF is a fluid to lower the amount of air pollution made by diesel. DEF is not new technology because it has been developed before a decade where it is used in SCR. In the early of 1500, the SCR used to reduce oxides of nitrogen, from the coal power plant.

Why diesel need composition of urea and de-ionized water for its engine? You need to pay attention to diesel main compounds, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. That’s the reason why problems appear in a diesel engine. Nearly every diesel engine who just have a standard structure need DEF to counterbalance the engine.

The exhaust gas first filtered to take lampblack and to clean the produced ash from the engine. After that, the exhaust gas will lead to mouth pipe and the diesel exhaust fluid will spray on the gas. The exhaust gas then gets into catalytic converter where the urea from DEF reacted. That will prevent mass air pollution to be generated.

How to Use Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Something related to the diesel engine must look carefully because there’s a lot of things that may cause contraction. The contraction of the engine, as we all know, will be related to electricity. Because it is possible for further hazardous occurred, we need to know how to use diesel exhaust fluid.

When you measure how much you need DEF, you need to see if the filter neck past the quantity. The diameter of the standard nozzle was about 0.75 inches. Don’t add it more than it should be. It will cause the diesel nozzle inserted to DEF tank. The engine will stop running and you need to service them.

Regarding how much you need diesel exhaust fluid, you have to know what vehicles the diesel exhaust fluid will inject. For the medium and heavy vehicle, the dosing rate is approximately 2 – 3 %. That means if your vehicle has a fuel efficiency of eight miles per gallon and the dosing rate is 2%, the 1 gallon of DEF needed for every 400 miles.

There is also another part of an engine to take action in air pollution reduction. Most of the modest diesel engines use in SCR combined with exhaust gas recirculation. The process takes a lot of effort and most of the time should inject DEF. However, we hope we help you with this article of diesel exhaust fluid explanation.

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