Do All Four Car Tires Need to Match? What you must know about car tires

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mixing car tires

Do all four car tires need to match? What you must know about car tires include whether it is okay to mix different tread patterns and even different brands? In general, most manufactures won’t recommend car mixing at all. It means all four car tires need to match. Of course, there are some exceptions but the exceptions only apply for approved mixed-tire fittings.

Do all four car tires need to match? What you must know about mixing car tires.

Using the same brand, treat patterns, load index, and even speed rating for four cars (the front and rear tires) is really important to ensure optimal performance and safety. It’s the legal requirement in most countries. To know the recommended size, speed rating, and load index, drivers need to check the document from the vehicle manufacturer.

If you neglect the requirement (driving a car with a set of mismatched tires) can pose a danger not only to the driver but to other road users as well. Therefore, it is always recommended to follow the specifications made by the car manufacturer. In case you really want to mix tires, consult a qualified tire specialist.

How to maximize tire service life and tire wear

Actually, rotating tires is considered as a good strategy to optimize the tire service life and tire wear. In doing so, it highly important to follow the vehicle manufacturer guideline related to rotating tires. The rotation pattern depends on whether the vehicles have o directional, symmetrical, and asymmetrical tires.

The recommended pattern is by rotating the wheels axle-wise between the front tires and the back tires. Tire rotation is best switched after 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers for an effective result. Rotation can be performed more often if there are signs of uneven tire wear.

Mixing tire brands and tread patterns on your car – Is it OK?

Again, it should be noted that fitting the same tires for front and rear tires is the recommendation for most car manufacturers. However, due to some reasons, such as budget constraints and limited availability, mixing tire brands and treat patterns can be possible as long as the rotation is done across the same axle.

It is also acceptable to use different load indexes and speed ratings for tires only if the index and speed symbols are higher than the minimal threshold suggested by the car manufacture. The higher-rate tires should be fitted to the rear axle.

What about using tires with different tread depths? Generally, it is permissible. New tires can be fitted onto the real axle.  Not only does it give a better grip to the real axle, it also reduces any possible over-steer condition especially on slippery roads.

You can find some cars have tires different sizes between thee front and the rear axles. These tires are usually factory-fitted, meaning that they are only specific to the car. So, when there is a question do all four car tires need to match? What you must know is that matching car tires are recommended by vehicle manufactures. In case you want to use different tires, always consult a tire specialist.

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