Everything You Need to Know about Replacing a Cabin Air Filter

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Replacing a Cabin Air Filter

A car has a heating and cooling system that regulates the temperature in the passenger cabin. Inside the system, there is a crucial component called an air cabin filter. What’s a cabin air filer and when is the best time to replace it? This component protects the passengers from breathing contaminated air. It filters the air from harmful pollutants such as dust and pollen, leaving only clean and healthy air sent to the cabin.

What’s a cabin air filter and when is the best time to replace it?

A cabin air filter is a small pleated unit, situated at the back of glove box. It works by cleaning the air through the car’s HVAC system. Any contaminants are trapped in the system thus only clean air can enter the car interior. You can tell there is something wrong with the cabin air filter when there’s unpleasant odor or decreased airflow in the cabin. It means you need to replace the filter right away.

Even when there is no symptom at all, you should replace the cabin air filter as frequently as the car manufacturer suggests. Changing a cabin air filter ensures clean and fresh air in the cabin. Whether you are the driver or the passenger, you need fresh air to breathe. Breathing clean air is especially important for anyone with respiratory health problems including asthma and allergy.

Most cabin air filters need to be replaced at least every 30,000 miles. However, it depends on model and year of the car. Therefore, refer to the car’s manual for verification. Sometimes, you just need to clean it, not to replace it. You can have it cleaned in an auto mobile repair shop. If you want to do it on your own, refer to the car’s manual on how to clean the filter properly.

What happens if the cabin air doesn’t get replaced?

A cabin air filter is intended to catch contaminants. It cleans the air pushed from the HVAC system. Without regular replacement, passengers are likely to breathe polluted or dirty air. Can you imagine what happens if you breathe debris, dust, pollen, and harmful gases? It can negatively impact your health. For your information, there have been a lot of death cases caused by in-car air pollution.

Not only does dirty air affect health, it also influences how your HVAC system works. Too much dirt and debris may clog the filter, making it fails to operate effectively. This restricts the air flow in the HVAC system. Consequently, it can’t maintain the desired temperatures in the cabin.

The presence of odor is another negative impact of clogged cabin air filter. If you want to get rid of such foul odor, changing the filter is the solution.

After knowing what’s cabin air filter and when should your replace it, it’s hoped that you can be more concerned about the importance of keeping the air clean in the cabin. Don’t forget to replace it as frequent as the manufacturer recommends or when you notice the symptoms of poor cabin air.

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