Get To Know KIA Sedona 2019 Family Vehicle Known As Practicality Winner

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kia sedona 2019 review

KIA Sedona 2019 Review – In the year when the SUV fame is raising, the family vehicle or the minivan is still developing its sector. In the sector where the hauling ability is the number one factor, you can find numerous names that crown the class. One of them is the infamous Kia Sedona. In the year of 2019, the manufacturer KIA Motor decided to release the new Kia Sedona 2019 with some upgrades to enhance the overall quality of this family car. What are they? here is the information for you.

Here Are Some Key Aspect You Should Know About The 2019 Sedona

1. KIA Sedona 2019 Review: Smooth Running V-6 To Enhance The Performance

Worth noting that this car is not the one for those who are looking for speed. This mother car is designed to boost the smooth running performance, great steering, and better maneuverability. Which all of that in mind, you can say that the car is prioritizing the goal of the greatest family car. But if you wonder about the engine, surprisingly the car is powered with the strong V-6 3.3 Liter engine that can produce impressive 276 horsepower.

That is a great engine, especially when it mated with the 8-speed auto transmission. You got enough power to get fast, but once again that is not the main reason. They want to add comfort to their ride. And Kia Sedona 2019 did it. All the combinations and configurations are highly measured. The steering is not too heavy nor too light, it creates a perfect and easy driving experience. Along with it, you will be able to maneuver easily.

That is definitely worth some praise. You can also find that the Sedona V-6 machine can create a balanced performance. When you are riding it, there is a slight chance you will feel any harsh movement. The transition from the low to a higher gear is not that bad, but when it comes to decreasing, the gearbox is a little struggling. Once again, the purpose of relaxing and comfortable drive is fulfilled. It is stress-free to drive around town.

2. KIA Sedona 2019 Review: Soft Cushioned Seats And Great Looking Interior Design

One of the Sedona’s trim level (SX) come with a very luxurious interior. It is granted that the trim is one of the highest in this series, but even the standard design is also well made. It looks classic, clean, plus impressive. Let’s talk about the Kia Sedona 2019 SX trim (since it is the one with the most impressive interior). You can see that the inside is very grand. Topping up all the specs will make you feel like having a private jet cabin.

The highest package comes with reclining chairs at the second-row bench seat. At the same time, there will be enough room for you to stretch your leg in the first and second rows. It also clads in a handsome two-tone color theme to enhance the look. You can say that the most impressive seating will the one in the second row. You will be able to relax, get a heated seat, adjusting it as you want, and feel like a king in the private moving cabin.

3. KIA Sedona 2019 Review: Lots Of Infotainment Options

While you enjoy sitting in the captain chair seating, you can also enjoy the infotainment. There will be a 7.0 inches’ touchscreen infotainment system that comes with numerous phone and external integration. It allows you to connect to the system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which is become Kia Sedona 2019’s standard. There are also some possibilities to get a bigger screen or entertainment system mounts.

You got the optional rear-seat entertainment system mounts 10-inch touchscreen at the back of the front passenger and the driver seat’s headrest. Or you might want to upgrade the 7.0 inches to the 8.0 inches’ screen. There are also some features addition such as weather updates and real-time traffic information in it. All in all, the car is jam-packed with tons of infotainment that can be used to entertain your kids and all the passengers.

kia sedona 2019 review interior driveandcar

4. Get The Top Safety Pick Award As The Prove Of A Great Safety Features

Moving on to the safety and driver assistance features, you will find that Sedona is one of the tops in the class. Once again you might be going to find the reason why this car is not that fast. Yes, the reason is to top the safety feature. This minivan earned a top point from the National highway traffic safety administration and gain the second spot for the Kia Sedona 2019 top safety pick. That means you don’t need to be very worried about you and your family safe.

How can they get this improvement? One thing for sure, the car has boosted its upgrade for this particular aspect. While you will get different features and safety aspects from each trim level, there are high possibilities for you to add some extra packages. In lowest standard, Sedona already equipped with high tech driving features. It has lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, and many more features.

5. 4 Trims Option In all Budgets

If you are interested to get this car, there are some trims you can choose from. The lowest is the L trim with a starting price of around $27,980. Then the LX model that priced from $30,880. You also got the EX trim with many more standard features that will have the starting price around $34,180. And lastly the greatest Kia Sedona 2019, the most luxurious, and highest trim level SX. This trim will be available with the starting price from $41,980 with all the high-end features and design.

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In many cases, even though the minivan segment was heavily overshadowed with SUV popularity, but it is still showing some improvement. You might unable to find some impressive features from the SUV in the minivan because the main purpose is very different. As a vehicle that mainly decides to haul people or stuff, Kia Sedona still placed as one of the tops in the class. With the pricing around $28,000 for the lowest trim level, this car still one of your great options.

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