How Long Should Your Car Battery Last? Signs of When You Need to Replace It

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how long should your car battery last

The answer of how long should your car battery last is actually varied depending on some factors and conditions. So, there couldn’t be any proper answer. Normally a car’s battery lasts up to four years, but yours can be shorter or longer. Below are some factors that could influence how often you should replace your car’s battery.

How Long Should Your Car Battery Last? Check out How You Drive

One of the factors that could influence the lifespan of a car’s battery is your driving habit. Every mile that you take driving your car will slowly drain your battery’s power. To make its life longer you should leave it for a while between each trip of the car to let it fully recharged. However, if you live in a busy world where you have to do several trips the whole day from the office to the grocery stores and going right to your home, your battery may have not time to recharge fully. This will surely affect the lifespan.

Leaving your car useless in the garage for so long is not a solution either. Even if your car is off the battery can slowly drain overtime. However, you can still drive the car to make the battery more effective without having any problem.

Look at Where You Live

The overall environment of where you are living will also influence the lifespan of your car battery. The car’s battery is actually the same as you. Hot weather will make you dehydrated while cold water will make you hard to move out.

Just like your body, the battery needs water to run properly. When the weather is sweltering the water in the battery acid can be evaporated, which results in its decreasing performance. Moreover, the water evaporation can lead to a worse condition of the battery, corrosion. When the battery starting to corrode, then malfunction can easily happen and that is when you get your car can’t move as it has to be. You need to more often replace your car battery if you live in such hot environment because the lifespan could be shorter.

When the weather is hot the battery is losing its power due to the lack of water, but the cold weather does the same either. It forces your battery to work harder in generating energy to heat up your car’s engine. In addition, the oil it needs to run starting to thicken so it has to work even much harder, resulting in its lifespan. The battery is getting strained each time it is used during both weathers, so you better regularly check its condition.

You can’t imagine of how huge the role of a car battery is and how it works to make your car run. You will know how important it is when you find that your car can’t be turned on easily and you have to wait until it starts. The other sign is that all the electrical elements in your car can’t maximally run. Don’t wait until the other signs coming out to replace your battery because you are the one who has the charge to answer of how long should your car battery last.

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