How To Choose The Right Size Windshield Wipers – Guideline And Tips

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Have you ever think or do something to your windshield wiper? This particular feature might not in use when there is no rain, fog, or snow. With that limited use, people tend to ignore or underestimate the existence of this wiper. However, if you are one of those people who are using it a lot, you will have to replace it at some point. Thus, how to choose the right size windshield wipers? If you look for the answer, here is what you should know.

The Way To Choose The Fittest Windshield Wipers You Should Know Beforehand

1.Manually Measure Your Wipers Blade

If you only looking for the size, then the best and easiest way will be to measure your wipers. You can do this method with a simple measuring tape. Then, you can measure the current wiper blades on your car. Make sure you only measure the blade, not the whole wiper. How if you got two wipers? At some point, some cars might come with the same wipers blade for both of the items. If you are sure that both of the blades have the same size, then you don’t need to do it twice.

On the other hand, some vehicles use two wipers blade with different lengths. In this case, measuring both of them will be the best solution. After you got the number, you can either go to the local auto spare part or buying it in the dealership store. In this modern-day, you also got to buy from online marketplaces. Just make sure you show the measurement to get the right product. It is okay to buy a one-inch longer or shorter product.

2.Read The Car Manual And Look For The Correct Size Of The Wipers

Your car manual says everything about your vehicle. It is everything you need to know, including how to choose the right size windshield wipers manual. Even though the might not tell the detail about the place to buy or the price, you will get some information regarding the wiper. In this case, take your time to skim offer the thick manual of your car, and find the best or the recommended wiper blade that stated in this book.

This is the thing, you should know that wiper blades come in many different sizes and models. In some cases, the same car may accommodate more than one size. This is means you got bigger possibilities to choose the right one. Checking the user manual will help you figure out what is the recommended model and the size is. At the same time, this is the easiest and straightforward way you can opt for. It also comes as the most accurate one.

3.Go To A Dealership And Get The Product For Your Car

How if you don’t have a measuring tape or the car manual on your hand? Then, you should consider to go ahead and visit the dealership. This is considered as the least favorable way to get the right blade since it tends to be pricier. But if you got no idea about the wiper size, model, brand, or whatever it is, then they will surely help you get the best one. In this case, the method will be way more favorable if your wipers are unique or not mass-produced.

The limited edition of wipers or the old model car’s wipers tends to have been sold in a very limited amount. Looking for these products in a local auto spare part might end up with an empty hand. Alternatively, you may have a chance to call the dealer’s part department to get information regarding the make and model of your vehicle wipers. So, you can get accurate on how to choose the right size windshield wipers information and buy the exact product to track by yourself.


4.Ask For Assistance On The Auto Part Store

Want a more affordable and easy method? Then you can try the local auto parts store around your town. If you already got the number, then this is also a great place to buy the wipers blade. However, in case you are still confused about it, then you can ask for their help. Some of the auto parts stores will at least understand the basic knowledge about this particular item. So, they will be able to tell what type or the size of the wiper just by looking at your vehicle information.

So, what you should tell them? The answer will be simple – all of the information about your car. It would be better if you mention the year, make, and model as the main description of your vehicle. Then they will look for the best-suited wiper blade and sell it to you. Besides asking them, bring one of your old wiper blades to the store also a great way to do it. They can match it, sell the product, and possibly install it for you.

5.Get A Silicone Rubber For Better Durability

Have you ever considered replacing the blade and use a different type of material? Most of the time, almost all of the vehicles will come with the conventional design windshield wiper. It is not a bad wiper whatsoever, but durability wise, this type is way inferior to the silicone rubber. The silicone material is a great investment but quite hard on how to choose the right size windshield wipers. It has great durability rates and proven to work more efficiently than the conventional one.

Choosing the right size is important, but don’t forget about the material. Some experts state that the silicone blade swipes more water in each stroke, making it more effective and way better than the conventional rubber. This material also is known for its quitter move than the rubber wiper. Along with that, some product also has warranties which can’t be found for regular products. But on the other hand, this product will have a more or higher price.

6.Simple And Conventional Design For Better Value

Does it mean you should change the conventional one? No, the choice is in your hand. If you are looking for a more cost-friendly product than going chose the normal wiper. Since it is a very common wiper and can be found in many types of cars, then you will have bigger item availability and options. At the same time, the price will be way cheaper than the silicone one. So, what item you should buy? The answer will be, depend on your need and maybe budget.

The conventional design has a more universal options and size. This is means, you will encounter the rubber way more often than the silicon. In case you wonder about this item, the conventional design has a metal frame with a wiper blade made of rubber in it. Many cars, use this wiper as the basic safety feature. This type of wiper is the most conventional and easy at how to choose the right size windshield wipers and cost-friendly ones.

7.Winter Blade Is Sturdier And Can Withstand The Cold Winter

Can you buy a winter blade and fit it on the normal wiper? Well, the winter blade has a distinctive characteristic and material that may need a different frame as well. So if you want to look for a product which can withstand the harsh winter, then it would be better to ask for help from the seller. One thing for sure, you can ask the store clerk on the auto parts store to show you the best product that will fit your car plus install it for you.

Before you buy winter blade for the windshield wiper, worth noting that they have a very different characteristic than the conventional one. The winter blade material is infused with Teflon or graphite to boost strength. This combination successfully created a strong and durable blade that can clear heavy residue and stay in the middle of freezing temperatures. In this case, using a stronger blade will help to prevent stress on your vehicle’s wiper motor.

8.Beam Blade Is A Great One To Avoid Residue And Streaking

How about the beam blade? how to choose the right size windshield wipers? Beam blade has a very unique frame and blade shapes. If you consider this one, you should know that the rubber and spring steel blades do not have an external frame. This design allows the wiper to make more pressure when wiping. Both beam or winter blade can cost up twice as much as a conventional one. It also hard to measure, so you better bring it on the auto spare part to get the fittest size.

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All in all, the best way to get the fittest or the right side of the windshield wiper blade would be checking the car manual. Some products will have preferences, the best suitable product, or the recommended item. While you can choose the conventional or the normal wiper, there are times that the product doesn’t match with your car’s features. Thus, you better consider the tips and guidelines above to avoid any loss and disappointment from buying a not suitable item.

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