How to keep Mice Away of Your Car Engine Effectively?

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mouse in car engine

It is not uncommon to find mice in the house or garage. But, what about mice in the car? How does this happen? For your information, cars can be attractive places for mice to hide from their predators especially if the cars are parked near bird feeders, pet food storage, or other convenient food sources. The other reason is the warmth of the car engine that keeps mice comfortable during cold weather. Whatever the reason is, it’s vital to learn how to keep mice away of your car engine as these little critters can on wiring and air filters, causing damages to your car.

Tips on how to keep mice away of your car engine

Considering the serious damages to cars that mice can cause, it’s important to prevent mice from living in your car. First, avoid leaving the car outside as parking outdoor will be more susceptible to mice intruders. Therefore, always park in a garage with doors and windows closed.

Second, avoid parking near a food source. If you have food stored in the garage, make sure the food is stored in sealed containers. Opening the hood is another way to make your car less inviting to the mice.

More importantly, clean the car regularly. Regular cleaning is the key if you don’t want to deal with mice in the first place.  Don’t leave any food crumbs or trash in the car as it can be a welcome invitation for mice.

Several ways you can tell if mice are living in your car

There are some obvious signs that mice are living in your car although you don’t spot them directly. First you can tell from some car problems. There are complex electrical systems in modern cars connected with wires everywhere. Mice chew through wires in the engine compartment. As a result, some components won’t work.

Mice can also damage the upholstery. Missing chunks of insulation and holes in the seats are evidences that you have a mouse problem. Other obvious signs are mouse droppings and bad smells. Mouse droppings are often found on the seat, dashboard, and carpeting. The animal waste is a clear indicator that there are mice nesting in your car.

Even if you don’t spot any mouse droppings (because they are hidden somewhere in your car), you are likely to detect foul odors if mice are really living in your car. Some places in a car can be perfect nests for mice such as inside the car’s air box and the area under the car’s plastic engine cover. Those locations are warm and hidden. That’s why mice love them.

Prevention is the key. To get rid of the mice, you can always use the tips on how to keep mice away of your car engine as written above. If there are already mice in your car, you can honk the horn and turn up the heat to get them out of the car. Don’t forget to clean up after mice using a mouse repellent.

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