Lexus LM 350 2020 Review: Not Just Alphard

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Lexus LM 350 2020 Review

Lexus LM 350 2020 Review – The success story of the Toyota Alphard to become a luxury MPV in the Asian region is undeniable. Toyota Alphard was transformed into a symbol of one’s success. As if, if you don’t yet have Alphard in your garage, it can be considered a success. So that Toyota Alphard seems to be a solution for consumers in the upper class segment and executives and who want to have a luxurious plus roomy car so they can bring their families.

But like ordinary people who are never satisfied, there are only Toyota Alphard owners who feel that their car has not reached the point of perfect luxury. Lexus heard this, plus the many requests and input from Toyota loyalists, then at the 2019 Auto Shanghai event the first time Lexus International held a world premiere of the Lexus LM. At that time on display was the Lexus Luxury MPV (LM) with the type 300h (Hybrid).

It took more than a year for Lexus Indonesia to be able to bring the Lexus LM to Indonesia. Not to lobby the Japanese company, but Lexus itself was flooded with LM orders, especially in Asia. Interestingly, the unit that was put into the country was the Lexus LM full spec, with type 350 which means carrying a 3,500 cc V6 engine and available in two types, namely 7-seaters and 4-seater executives. So, now is the time to listen to the review of the Lexus LM 350 2020 which is not just an Alphard bearing the ‘L’ logo

Lexus LM 300h 2020 exterior

The front exterior appearance of the Lexus LM 350 still breathes the contemporary Lexus design called provocative elegant design, with a large spindle grille signature attached to the front. The front grille inspired by a palm tree from the country is given a touch of dark chrome finishing and gray color that implies an elegant impression.

Not only that, the bumper shape is also given a typical L-shape Lexus, which increasingly makes this MPV exclusively premium. Then the main lights have brought 3 LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) High and Low Beam. The appearance is also enhanced by the application of LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) which forms the letter L when it is on and of course, as is typical of contemporary Lexus, it also uses sequential turn signal.

Lexus LM 350 2020

Review of the Lexus LM 350 2020 Side View

Continue to the side view, in general the stature is similar to the Toyota Alphard. It’s just that there are still some details that distinguish between the Lexus LM 350 and even the most expensive Toyota Alphard, among others are the unified match that forms the letter ‘L’ named L-shape colored chrome that is present on each side to make the impression of an exclusive as well as expensive increasingly sticking out . Both sliding doors can also be opened electrically like the Toyota MPV hero.

Although in general the outer body is very similar to the Toyota Alphard, but this Lexus LM is actually a car made in a different way. All parts of the welding point frame (point welding frame) are mixed in a special way so as to be able to reduce vibration and sound, but not reduce the agility in maneuvering. As a result when on the road he was calmer and minimal vibration entered the cabin.


Rear View Review of the Lexus LM 350 2020

On the exterior appearance of the rear Lexus LM 350 2020 it also looks far more luxurious than its Japanese-made brother. The most obvious is the use of LED Rear Combination Lamp LED lamps combined with Sequential Turning Lamp that lights up beautifully from the inside out.

There are also four parking sensors and a camera to monitor the conditions behind this car. Understandably, the Lexus LM 350 2020 has dimensions of more than 5 meters, so it requires enhancements that can help drivers to more safely maneuver with this car. Oh yes, because the Lexus LM 350 is a 4-seater variant that has a rear partition, the car is also equipped with an additional camera that serves to make it easier for drivers to see the back of the vehicle.

Lexus LM 350 2020 Review

Review of the Lexus LM 350 2020 Dashboard & Front Seat Layout

We start reviewing the front of the cabin first, even though the car owner is unlikely to sit here and drive the Lexus LM 350 himself, but it turns out that the driver’s seat and front passenger seat of the Lexus LM are comfortable to sit on. The seat itself is able to support the body well and can be arranged electrically 8 directions through two levers. Unfortunately, the reclining angle of the front seat is limited because of the large partition behind the two seats.

Continue to the dashboard layout, first-class material is used and does not feel at all cheap material and hard plastic in this front cabin. Anyway, in this interior too, LM was designed by presenting Gin-Sui-Boku (Silver Ink) ornaments that adorn the interior of this car so that it gives its own charm. Because it is done by hand, each stroke of Gin-Sui-Boku is different for each car. Gin-Sui-Boku is a newly developed ornament from the inspiration of ink painting art.

Review of the Lexus LM 350 2020 Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of the Lexus LM 350 2020 is comfortably gripped, not only because it has been wrapped in leather and can be tilt and telescopic adjustable to achieve an ideal driving position, but this steering wheel is the right diameter. It means not too thin or too fat. Moreover, this steering wheel design is also cool. On the left spoke there is a row of buttons to adjust the audio and bluetooth telephone, while for the right crossbar there is a row of buttons that can be used to adjust the MID (Multi Information Display) screen.

Lexus LM 350 2020 Rear Cabin Review

Talking about business and other privacy things you can do safely in the rear cabin of this car without being heard by the driver or aide in the front cabin. Because, the LM is equipped with a Private Double Acoustic Frosted Glass Partition which makes the sound in the rear cabin unable to leak forward. In fact, if you are screaming in this back cabin, the driver and aide in the front cabin won’t hear any sound.

Another special thing is in the seats or seats. To exceed existing industry standards, the breakthrough made at the Lexus LM is to change the habits of the seat design. Usually this seat is made by a seat designer, specifically for this Lexus LM, who designs is the Luxury Bed Mattress maker which usually makes the Spring Bed super expensive. Therefore AdaptiPedic ™ technology is embedded in this LM and you will not find it in Alphard.

Baggage Review of the Lexus LM 350 2020

Because only four-seat alias 4-seater format, it’s no wonder the Lexus LM 350 2020 luggage capacity is so extraordinary. Indeed, Lexus Indonesia and Lexus International do not provide definite capacity regarding the area of ​​the Lexus LM’s rear trunk.

Not only that, the Lexus LM 350 2020 luggage doors can be opened in three ways. First the manual method, you just pull the electric lever under the license plate lights, then the door can be lifted up to be opened. Second by pressing the remote on the key, the door can open electrically, third is by pressing a button on the dashboard to the right of the driver.

Features of the Lexus LM 300h 2020

Review of the Lexus LM 350 2020 Double Sunroof

The Lexus LM 350 is also equipped with a double sunroof to add a sense of luxury and relief to the cabin. However, an electrically operated sunroof that can be shifted and lifted up (tilt) is only available in the rear seat, while for the front it can only be tilted. You who have small children or political party leaders can certainly use this glass for campaign needs. Lexus LM 350 2020.

Car Entertainment System

You could say you no longer need to upgrade the audio system on this LM. Because it has been equipped with Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound Audio System output system with 19 speakers as entertainment companions during the trip. its audio quality in this car is amazing.

The Lexus LM type 4-seater is designed for professionals and business people, it’s no wonder it has two unique executive seats, so that the two passengers behind will be able to enjoy a 26-inch monitor that is at the same time a privacy-tight dividing barrier with the driver’s room, specifically for conglomerates who feel more comfortable in their own rooms.

Lexus LM 350 2020 Review: Refrigerator

An external refrigerator which is a vehicle accessory can indeed be purchased and installed in the car, but if you are one of the LM buyers, then you don’t need to think about it. Because, LM is equipped with a mini fridge with a size of 14 liters, so you just put your favorite drinks in the refrigerator and enjoy it while traveling with this car.

Lexus LM 350 2020 Review: Touch Screen Control Panel

Lexus Indonesia said that if this LM was made as a first class aircraft, then it is no wonder it is equipped with various sophisticated and luxurious features like a private jet. The audio system, air conditioning, seat angle can be controlled using the Touch Control Panel which is located between the two rear seats. Obviously this gives the aura of luxury itself.

Lexus LM 300h 2020 Operation

This Lexus LM 350 engine uses a 3,500 cc V6 unit with a 2GR-FKS code. This naturally aspirated engine has a power output of up to 297 hp at 6,600 rpm engine speed, and 361 Nm of torque at 4,700 rpm engine rotation. The power and torque are channeled to the front wheels via an 8-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission. Even without the turbo, this engine is also technologically advanced, because it operates a 4-stroke Direct Injection system (D-4S) which has two separate injectors.

Also special is this Lexus LM Suspension, because it was developed using the latest suspension technology, the Swing Valve Shock Absorbers, a new technology with ultra-low velocity valve is the first in the world. This is done to improve driving comfort for both the driver and passengers. So this suspension uses two hydraulic valves to ensure the right damping force is applied when the slightest movement is experienced in the wheels and car suspension.

The last to support the operation of the Lexus LM is the wheels. The wheels on the Lexus LM are specially designed to be beautiful to look at but still able to reduce the sound to the fullest. Spoke is made aerodynamic to be able to get rid of air turbulence behind the rim, while the inner rim lip is given an additional special damper (resonator) so that the sound of tire friction with the road surface can be completely muted and does not enter the cabin.

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The last to support the operation of the Lexus LM is the wheels. The wheels on the Lexus LM are specially designed to be beautiful to look at but still able to reduce the sound to the fullest. Spoke is made aerodynamic to be able to get rid of air turbulence behind the rim, while the inner rim lip is given an additional special damper (resonator) so that the sound of tire friction with the road surface can be completely muted and does not enter the cabin.

Price list for the Lexus LM 300h 2020

The Lexus LM 2020 is offered in one variant namely the LM 350 and is available in two types, namely 7-seaters and 4-seaters. For the Lexus LM 350 type 7-eaters, you can bring it home after spending IDR 2,390,000,000. Whereas if you want VIP-style exclusivity (Very Important Person), please add another IDR 645,000,000 to bring the 4-seaters Lexus LM 350 priced at IDR 3,035,000,000 on the road.


Conclusion Lexus LM 300h 2020

If you are a VIP, opinion leader, or successful entrepreneur who wants an exclusive car, the Lexus LM 350 2020 is the right car for you. The comfort of the cabin will lull you. Moreover, Lexus Indonesia also provides Lexus Concierge Service with first-class service and is a separate experience to enjoy the service.

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