Muffler Rattling: Cause and Solve

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Muffler Rattling

Muffler Rattling – What is a muffler? A muffler or some people call them as a silencer, is a component of a vehicle which works to reduce the noise that is emitted by the internal combustion engine’s exhaust. It works especially as a noise-deadening device that forms part of the exhaust system of an automobile. But sometimes, mufflers rattle a lot. It sounds disturbingly rackety and basically you need to do a checkup with your muffler. But first, why does your muffler tend to rattle?

Why Muffler Is Rattling?

There are lots of reasons why mufflers are rattling, and we will talk about the common ones.

Most of the cars have mufflers installed with their exhaust pipe. Therefore, it works as a noise minimizing device. Where do the noises come from? Obviously, from the car’s engine. Those noises come like waves, loud and annoying. That is why some countries prohibit cars or motorcycles with missing mufflers, it annoys the common comforts.

If your muffler starts to rattling, it sounds like pieces of metal contacting against each other, which is very obstreperous. It happens when there is a component of your car that is touching the exhaust pipe. It can be anything, such as a loose bracket, rubber hanger, or even connector. If it hits the exhaust pipe, your muffler will rattle as loud as possible when you are driving. Worse, if it comes to bumpy or muddy roads.

This sound will not stop unless your machine is off or basically your fix the problem. But this is not the only problem with the muffler. When the components of your muffler start to fail, misalignment shall happen to the system really soon.

When the rattling muffler is not soon to be maintained, it will allow excessive amount of movement to the other part of the car or motorcycle. It will go beyond an annoying noise and thus some part of your car will be stressed. When your car hits a bumpy or hazardous road, it can be broken easily.

And that is why, you really need to fix the problem soon before worse things occur..

How to Check on and Fix A Rattling Muffler By Ourselves

First to check on the rattling muffler is obviously the muffler itself. It is pretty easy to check on the muffler. Tap it with any sticks and if you can hear any rattling sound on the inside of the muffler, that might be rust inside of it. To fix it is to do some replacement of the muffler. This shall do the job.

But if instead, there is an excessive amount of vibration not only from the muffler, but from the entire system of your car or motorcycle, go check the exhaust hangers too to see if it has worn out. If so, then it is time to hit the auto part store and find a new rubber to replace the old one. This shall also fix the problem.

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Those are the reasons why your muffler is rattling and easy ways to fix it before hitting the auto workshop.

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