P0158 Error Code, What it causes and How to Fix it

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P0158 Error Code

Even if you decipher what the check engine light means, there is still only so much it can tell you. What does it imply when it says “O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage” on the screen anyway?

The O2 sensor circuit is the oxygen sensor circuit in your motor vehicle. Both the oxygen sensor that is located before (sensor #1) and the oxygen sensor that is located after (sensor #2) the catalytic converter are used to measure the efficiency of the catalytic converter as well as the number of hazardous emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

These measurements will be utilized by the PCM in order to fine-tune the performance of the engine, which is an essential component in order to successfully pass an emissions test.

When you get the code P0158, it indicates a section of the circuit with an excessive amount of voltage. This frequently occurs when there is a short circuit in the system; however, it may also indicate that the system is forcing excessive fuel out through the exhaust. In either case, the reading in the circuit is excessively high, which is the root cause of the malfunctioning warning light for the engine.

Code P0158’s Signs and Symptoms

There is a strong probability that you will also see a few other signs and symptoms if your car has a P0158 code. There is a 100% probability that you will have a check engine light, and there is also a pretty good possibility that the engine will idle more roughly than it usually does.

Additionally, you can observe either a little or a significant loss in fuel economy, and in extremely rare cases, a code P0158 might lead to the engine ceasing to function altogether.

It’s also possible, but just as unlikely, that the only sign of a problem will be a warning light for the engine, so keep an eye out for it. Because everything hinges on determining the cause of the P0158 error code, you should pay close attention to any similar symptoms. As with other DTCs, the bigger the number of symptoms that are present, the greater the likelihood that this is your primary issue.

  1. Warning light for the engine
  2. Idle roughness
  3. Drop in fuel economy
  4. Engine dies
  5. There were no unfavorable conditions.

P0158 Error Code engine

Reasons for Error Code P0158

P0158 is a relatively easy error code; however, there are quite a few different reasons why it could occur. A faulty oxygen sensor is the most likely culprit in this incident. P0158 is the fault code that may appear on your dashboard if the oxygen sensor malfunctions and then shorts out.

Other probable causes include anything wrong with the oxygen sensor heater circuit, an abnormally high fuel pressure, problems with the wiring, or even an issue with the engine coolant temperature sensor!

Lastly, although it is highly improbable, the PCM in your vehicle is giving you a code P0158 could be because it requires an update or is completely broken.

  1. Oxygen sensor that isn’t working properly
  2. Oxygen sensor heating circuit that isn’t working properly
  3. Elevated levels of fuel pressure
  4. The sensor of the engine’s coolant temperature was faulty.
  5. Wiring problems
  6. PCM that is either obsolete or broken.

The reason why code P0158 was generated in the first place is the most crucial factor in determining whether or not the code indicates a major problem. It’s not a significant concern if it is turned on because of a faulty oxygen sensor, but if it comes on due to excessive fuel pressure, it can swiftly escalate to more severe engine damage.

You are putting your engine in danger by not understanding the code’s specific reason; this is not a risk that we would advise you to take because of the potential consequences.

Even if you get lucky and discover that the P0158 code is there for a relatively harmless cause, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, your car will have no method of informing you if a significantly more serious problem arises. It is in everyone’s best interest to get the check engine light fixed as quickly as possible so that nothing else can result from it.

Fixing the P0158 Error Code

If the diagnostic trouble code for your car is P0158, the first thing you will want to find out is how to fix it. Even though having an automotive scan tool, with which you can view the readings from each sensor, will make things much simpler for you, there are some fundamental approaches to troubleshooting that you can take to eliminate a few straightforward possibilities.

1. Identify the Source of the Issue Through Its Symptoms

To begin, it is important to determine whether or not any additional symptoms accompany the presence of the check engine light. If there is a noticeable decrease in fuel, the problem is probably merely that there is an excessive amount of fuel pressure. If the engine stops working, you can exclude some more exact causes of the problem, such as a faulty oxygen sensor or a malfunctioning engine coolant temperature sensor.

2.Check Voltage at Oxygen Sensors

We advise you to check the readings coming in and going out of oxygen sensors on your car using a multimeter if you need access to an automotive scan tool. Suppose the reading that goes into the oxygen sensor is correct, but the reading that comes out of the oxygen sensor is incorrect. In that case, there is a significant possibility that the oxygen sensor is broken.

3. Seek Assistance from Qualified Individuals

Suppose the readings from the oxygen sensor don’t seem to indicate anything out of the ordinary. In that case, we suggest taking your vehicle to a professional repair shop or purchasing an automotive scan tool on your own so that you can carry out a diagnostic procedure that is more accurate to figure out what’s going on.

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