Pad Life on Disc Brakes: How to Check on Them?

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Pad Life on Disc Brakes

In driving or riding a vehicle, it is really important to maintain the safety of the driver by doing regular checks and tendance on the gear of the machine. For example, the brake system is important to prevent any accident. Therefore, it is important to have a general lore of checking disc brakes routinely. Now, let’s check on how to maintain a pad life of disc brakes.

What Are Brakes Pads?

In most vehicles, they use a braking system which consists of a brake disc, a brake caliper, and also a pair of brake pads in each wheel. Each pad fit in the caliper with each friction material that almost touches the two sides of the brake disc.

Typically, the hydraulic fluid in each caliper will push the brake pad against each side of the rotating brake disc, every time you press the brake pedal. Hence, your vehicle will slow down and stop any time soon.

A brake pad itself is usually worth about 25,000 to 60,000 miles, but possible to go further. Yet this process explained above happens again and again and again, which requires regular tending.

How To Check the Pad Life on Disc Brakes

There are some ways to check the life span of your disc brakes. Some of them are pretty obvious and easy to notice while others need a little knowledge to do. Here are those ways to check the pad life on disc brakes:

1.Check the warning light

Some vehicles are equipped with an obvious sensor system in the form of a warning light that is shown on the display’s board in the car or motorcycle. If the light is on it indicates that at least one of the pads needs to be fitted because it is almost worn out. This is a pretty obvious sign that you do not need to check the brake system all by yourself.

2.A loud sound of screeching

A loud and sharp sound of screeching while braking the vehicle indicates a serious warning that you need new brakes pads. The sound tells that at least you need to check if pads are almost too worn out and need to be replaced.

3.Check it visually

You can also check your brakes’ pads’ life visually. But this is only a possibility to several types of vehicles, the one you can see through the spokes of the vehicle’s wheels. While seeing through, you can see the outer pad of the brakes is pressed against the brake pads.

The pad should be visible at least three millimeters long. If it seems less than three millimeters, you should do a professional check.

4.Bad vibrations when the vehicle stopping

If you are pressing the brake pedal and it vibrates, you might want to do some check-up because it can indicate the excessive heat built up. It also may show any damage to the brake.

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Those are the easy and general ways to check the pad life on your disc brakes. If anything, suspicious appears, better tend your brakes pads as soon as possible to prevent bad scenarios.

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