Possible Causes Why the Car Vibrates when You Hit the Brake

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Car Vibrates when You Hit the Brake

Don’t underestimate it when you feel vibration when braking. All vehicles should be running smoothly, even when braking. When it’s not the case, there is obvious sign of aging or malfunction. On the contrary to what people believe, there are actually some possible issues that are responsible for the shudder during braking. You need to notice the signs and symptoms.

Car Vibrates when You Hit the Brake

Vibration during High Speed

There are many reasons why the car shakes whenever you hit the brake. When it happens during high speed, these are the possible causes.

Worn Brake Pads

When the brake pads are filled with dirt, grime, oil, and other impurities, it is difficult for the pads to function normally. These substances can hold a strong grip to the rotor, responsible for the shaking. This is often accompanied by a sharp noise – typically coming from the car’s outside part. In most cases, the pads need replacing or cleaning.

Alignment Issues

To test it out, have a test when the road is empty and there are no other vehicles. Speed up and let go of your steering wheel for a moment. If the car moves slightly to the right or left, then you have alignment problem. If you stay moving straight, then there is no issue.

Imbalanced Brake Rotors

When you brake and it shakes, it is possible that the rotor is problematic. If you drive without braking and it shakes, then the rotors are the most possible cause. Another possible cause is stuck brake caliper. When you speed at 65 kilometers an hour and the wheel vibrates, and it gets stronger as you speed up faster, then the caliper may be responsible for it. If it is the caliper, you may notice a bad smell while braking. You should pull over.

Unbalanced Tires

When one tire is deflated, it affects the steering wheel. When you brake at high speed, you will have to struggle hard to control the car. You want to check the tires to make sure that they are even and balanced.

Broken (or Loose) Hoses

Cars have the so-called vacuum hoses, connecting different parts and sections of the engine. The purpose is to expel fumes (from the engine). But a leaky or broken hose can result in engine shaking.

Engine Problems

When you drive within a constant speed or as you speed up, and you feel the shakes, then it may be related to engine problem. It’s because the engine doesn’t get sufficient fuel-air to properly function. In some cases, you can resolve the issue by changing the air filter. But if there isn’t any improvement after the replacement, then it is crucial to consult a professional and skilled mechanic.

Clogged Filter (on Transmission)

When the filter is clogged, the car may shake during the drive, especially when braking. Find out whether you have changed it. The transmission filter needs to be changed once every several thousand miles.

Vibration during Downhill Braking

Shaking during downhill braking is most likely because of the warped brake rotors. You see, when you are moving downhill, the brake rotors would become hot – hotter than normal. The excessive heat would cause expansion to the metal. It leads to warp shaking because the car tries so hard to reduce the speed.

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Whatever the cause is, it would be better to have a full inspection of the ride. If you are clueless about the car and engine and their parts, it would be a good idea to take it to a professional service or reputable dealer. Let the professionals there do the inspection and find the root cause of the issue. Take notice when you start experiencing the shake during brake and ask for help if it continues happening.

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