Quick Guide: How to Buy a Used Car with Good Quality Values

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How to Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car – When you are unsure about how to buy a used car with good values and confused about the steps, don’t worry you’re at the right article.

Choosing and deciding to buy a used car really need highly careful consideration. There will be many questions such as what kind of car? Is it in good price? What disadvantages does the car have? Is it in accordance with the selling price?

This article will explain step by step anything that you need to know before you buy it. You will learn how to pick the good quality used vehicle, how to buy safely and get the good deal.

But, for the first thing that you should to know is quality and authenticity is number one and then adjust with the price.

How To Buy a Used Car?

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Setting Your Budget
  2. Make Your Criteria List of Used Car
  3. If You Look for at Online Store: Check Authenticity and Correctness of The Information then Check Its Reliability
  4. Contact The Seller and Ask Them Details of The Used Car: Used Car’s Value and History Report
  5. Let’s Test Drive The Car
  6. Get Car’s Inspection
  7. Get a Good Deal and Paperwork Done
  8. Check Warranties or Insurance
  9. Rechecked and Make Sure All is Done and Complete

How to Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car : Setting Your Budget

Money is all that you need if you want buy something. Set your budget so that your purchase don’t interfere with your finance. You will also know exactly which used cars you can buy.

Taking out a loan or credit is another way that you can us. The installments should not be more than 20% of your income.

Having a car especially a used car need little more special attention for maintenance, and budget for renewal of certificates, fuel, taxes, and insurance.

If the car that you want to buy doesn’t have an insurance or warranty, you should prepare more funds for unexpected repairs.

How to Buy a Used Car : Make Your Criteria List of Used Car

Create your car criteria list on your note, example like car type, brand, year, color, and tolerable condition but of course it must be included in your budget range.

We suggest to choose at least 3 options. It will make easier for you to choose the best. Watch reviews as often as possible as your references. It will make you more confident in making a decision.

If You Look for at Online Store: Check Authenticity and Correctness of The Information then Check Its Reliability

Looking through online shop is indeed the easiest and not tiring than having to go around from one showroom to another.

Check Information Authenticity and Correctness

Online shop has a rating or star that show its trustworthy value. Higher rating or on going to 5 stars, more trustworthy it is. You should to pay attention to the photos that are attached, is it real or edited.

Pay attention to the information they provided and the comments or reviews of buyers. Look out the information as detail and critical as you can.

 If there are many comments with high stars or above 4/5 and they added photo in the comment, you can trust the shop up to 50%. And then double check on the website review.

If you’re looking for the used car from the website / online showroom, then make sure the store has a real location and a good star on Google’s review. Pay attention to the domain, paid domains tend to be a little more trusted.

Check Its Reliability

You can check reliability of online store only by visiting the offline store.

Contact The Seller and Ask Them Details of The Used Car: Used Car’s Value and History Report

Go and contact the seller and make an appointment. Ask everything when you meet the seller and better don’t ask them over the phone.

Prepare the questions first and write it on your note. Ask them about detail of car’s information, history record, all the minus, certificates, payment, and others detail. That should be transparent.

Let’s Test Drive The Car

Test Drive is the best way to show the car’s conditions and your comfort in driving. Here are the questions that will help you check the car.

  1. Is there enough space to get in or get out from the car, without stooping your head?
  2. Do you feel enough space when you’re in? Check the passenger space too.
  3. Is it comfortable to driving? Chair, mirror, screen, steering wheel?
  4. How about the light? Is it all on? Headlight, brake light, turn indicators, does it work?
  5. Watch out the blind spot.
  6. Do you smell gas? If yes, get out immediately.
  7. Check the brake pedal, is it okay?
  8. Air conditioner should be blowing cold.
  9. Fuel tank indicator, speed indicator, check it when you on test drive.
  10. If you feel something wrong as simple as you think, just ask them.

You can ask your friend or relation to accompany you, so they can give suggestion or help you to find the wrong things.

Get Car’s Inspection

If you really want the car, it will be a good idea to get the car’s inspection. They’re not free absolutely but you get warranty that your dream car is in good condition. They are an independent mechanic so you can trust them.

Get a Good Deal and Paperwork Done

After everything going to be okay, you can make a deal with the seller. Try to get the best price. Make sure that you have read everything on the paper before you sign it. Listen carefully the seller said, sometimes there are some tricks. You should ask the copy of the paperwork.

Check Warranties or Insurance

This is important, if the car still has warranty or insurance you should check the expired date and all the information in the certificate. Check the authenticity by web database.

Rechecked and Make Sure All is Done and Complete

This is final step before you get away your new used car. Check everything for the last time. Don’t be regret.

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That’s all steps how to buy a used car, hope it will help you to choose carefully your dream car.

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