Reasons Why ABS Light is On and How to Handle That

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Reasons Why ABS Light is On

As someone who has a car, you need to know the reasons why ABS light is on. Usually, the ABS light turns on when the antilock system in your car’s engine experience failed performance. The ABS light sensor uncommon movement of wheels is the other slower or faster than it should be.

Most of ABS light coloured as yellow, amber, or orange. The newer vehicles generally have the ABS lights, while some of older vehicles also have it. What you need to know about ABS lights are the reasons why the lights turn on. Therefore, you could read this explanation about why ABS light on.

Discover The Reasons Why ABS Light is On

ABS itself stands for antilock braking systems. The device used for vehicle safety and will automatically avoid wheels to locked when stopped. When the ABS light turned on, it doesn’t mean there’s a problem only in the ABS. It could happen in other systems. To discover the reason for ABS light, turn on, you can read the causes below.

ABS Controller Stopped Working

The ABS controller manages the signal of braking and sends it to a car’s computer. If the ABS Controller working strangely, you need to check for the ABS controller. There’s a chance that the ABS experience damage and that cause the device corroded. This corroded ABS controller makes them stopped working properly.

Unconnected Sensors and ABS Controller

ABS controller may be unconnected with the sensor so that makes the ABS light always turn on. Uncaught sensors caused by problems with ABS controller create a signal that shown through ABS light. You can examine the sensor in each wheel propeller at ABS four-channel. Test it by starting your car first and if the ABS light still on, the sensors are in trouble.

Problems in Hydraulic Pump

A hydraulic pump used to increase the amount of brake fluid pressure. If the brake fluid pressure succeeds in balancing the braking system, the hydraulic pump will stop the process. If your ABS light is on, maybe there are hydraulic pump issues that make your ABS light always on. That’s the result of a hydraulic pump that no longer increase the brake fluid pressure.

How to Handle When ABS Light On

There are steps to make ABS light turn off. You need to check the ABS fuse and relocated it with the new one if it blows out. Then, check if there’s any problem in the ABS wheel sensor. If there’s trouble in ABS wheel sensor, replace it with the new one. This job is quite risking. Give it to the expert to avoid unwanted things.

Your ABS is one of an important part of your vehicle. Always check your ABS light because it will help you understand if there’s any problem happen in your vehicle. The ABS light also has a function to give you information when you start your car. We hope this article about reasons why abs light is on helping you to conceive that.

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