Reasons Why You Should Buy The Toyota Corolla 2020

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There is no doubt that every year, car manufacturers have been racing to create more notable upgrades. It is including a big name such as Toyota. With the numerous contender in this field and year, it is granted that this brand has to make the Toyota Corolla get something unique to stand out in the crowd. Believe it or not, they did it! The Corolla 2020 comes with tons of greatness. Many people are starting to look at this car. Why? here are some of the reasons for you.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why This Toyota Corolla Is Worth Your Money

1.Many Trims Levels And Better Exterior Design

Let start with the exterior appearance. The 2020 Corolla looks amazing with its strong and aggressive exterior design. It has a prominent sports grill with a low stance body design. The result? You can see it exude a sleek yet bold appearance. Completed with low profile LED headlight and taillight, you still have some optional exterior upgrades. You can add dual-tipped chrome exhaust, heated mirror with turn signal indicators, or the cool power moon roof.

Plus, it is not only the exterior that you can choose but also the trims. This is the thing that makes 2020 Corolla worth your attention. The compact car comes with six trim levels. You got Toyota Corolla L, LE, SE, XLE, XSE, and the brand new hybrid trim. All the variety allows buyers to match and mix upgrade along with its optional equipment. You can expect that each trim of the car will have different features, engine, design, and pricing.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Driveandcar

2.Modern Interior Feature And Technology

Moving on the inside, you will find that the car loaded with modern style. The interior looks sleek yet simple and have numerous gadgets and buttons to complete the modern design. They may look contradicting, but somehow the interior design works well. It brings a piano black features for the trim to boost the sleek feel. There is a seven-inch touch screen, which is a standard for all corolla car. it also has a WIFI hotspot as standard that highly demanded these days.

You should not forget that Toyota has upgraded the technology as well. Now you can enjoy advanced gadgets such as Apple carPlay and Siri Handsfree. This is one of the things that gain quite a lot of attention. Other than that, Toyota Corolla also comes with a remote connect feature which allows the owners to start, operate, or locate some of the vehicle functions. Good news for the non-Apple users, this compact car come with another mobile device compatibility as well.

3.Engine And New Hybrid Model For Greater Fuel Efficiency

One thing for sure, the brand new Hybrid model has bumped up the Corolla popularity. While any other competitor also arises with the same idea, apparently the Corolla Hybrid has great mpg for the city and highway. The fuel efficiency also tops on the 50 mpg rate. On the other hand, the gas models of the Corolla will range around 31 mpg while in the city. For the highway, the rate will be around 40 mpg which highly depends on the powertrain configuration.

You got the idea of how good the hybrid power is, now you may have expected how great the standard powertrain is. You got numerous trims that boasted with different engine options as well. All of them will have front-wheel drive, 3 transmission options, and 2 Toyota Corolla gasoline engines. The base engine will be the 1.8L V4 139hp engine with a CVT transmission. The base engine will be available for the L, LE, and XLE trims.

But if you opt for the higher-level trims (SE and XSE), you will get the stronger machine. It will be powered with the 2.0L engine that generates a high 169 horsepower in the CVT gearbox. This a great way to up the compact car performance even better than the previous series. Toyota also offers a greater six-speed manual transmission with the 169Hp 2.0L engine for the SE trims which is considered as the middle of the class of the 2020 Corolla.

Toyota Corolla 2020 Driveandcar 3

4.Come With Numerous Standard Safety Features

Talking about the safety features, you won’t get disappointed with 2020 Corolla. Based on the infamous J.D Power, this cool looking vehicle has a five rating predicted reliability. So, when it comes to this aspect the buyers will get a total game-changer feeling. You will get exactly what you pay when you choose a Toyota Corolla. This means no regret after buying. Toyota not only boasting the interior, exterior, and the engine but also the safety.

From the specifications and what you can find in this modern vehicle, you can expect greater safety functions. It has integrated the great Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 which loaded with advanced features. There is lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, etc. that come as the standard. If you look for a higher trim level, you may find some other features such as sign recognition and lane tracing that also part of the safety sense 2.0 suite.

5.Premium Upgrade And Great Drive Features

The 2020 Corolla arrives filled with fun and more advanced drive features. The suspension system is now added in the series to boost a more comfortable and smooth driving experience. It even comes with paddle shifters on steering wheels, and also sport driving mode which helps gain more powerful engine capabilities. Doesn’t feel okay with the standard features? The Toyota Corolla is customizable which allows you to add premium upgrade and styling features.

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In any case, you can say that Toyota has been trying to entice people’s interest with all of the upgrades it made. In 2020 the Corolla turned into one of the most stands out vehicles in the compact car categories. You can say that the number of trims provides more budget options, ranging from $19,500 to around $22,950. It also has a modern design for both interior and exterior, has standard safety tech, and more modern design. A great pick for first-time buyers.

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