Signs You Need to Tune Up Your Car

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Tune Up Your Car

You need to consider if you see signs you need to tune up your car. What we mean by these signs is that related to the performance of a car. From starting the engine to car acceleration, it could show whether you need to tune up your car or no. Simply, tune-up means your car needs further maintenance to keeping the car performance.

Old or new release car, when the time has come for a tune-up, it should be done. Before the failure spread to another part of the engine, you need to stop that. Cases show driver not being sensitive to detect if there’s something need to be served for their car. In this article, we will try to explain to you the sign that your car needs to be tune-up.

Looking for Signs You Need to Tune Up Your Car 

Normally, tune-up needed for every car. No matter if the car often used or rarely used, a tune-up will make your vehicle performance stable. For someone who didn’t schedule regular maintenance, the chance of tune-up is higher than the one who plans regular care. You could know how to see the signs by reading this information.

1.Lower Fuel Efficiency

Most of the time, you need to tune up when the fuel always ran out at the time you drive. The more you fill up your fuel, the more you consume the fuel. The problem happens in the engine systems that connect to the gas tank. Try to compare it with the amount of fuel you usually spend. If there’s a significant rate of change, you need to tune up your car.

2.Hard to Starting The Car

When the engine encounter difficulty in starting it, there’s the possibility that the machine performance weakened. It caused by car duration of use but without being supported by regular checking. If you still force your car, you will stop in the midway while you drive. You should tune up the car before that happens.

3.Knock Sound From The Engine

Knock sound from engine often associated with knock sensor placed in a car engine. When the sound appears, there must be a problem with the engine system. If you hear the knock or ping sound comes inside the vehicle frequently, your knock sensor may send a signal of unusual motion occurs in your car.

Tips to Tune Up Your Car

If you want to tune up your car, you need to check your average mileage. For the 1,000 – 2,000 miles that taken by a new release car, you just need to mark up a calendar for regular maintenance. But for 2,000 – 3,000 miles taken by old car; you must tune up your car immediately before the vehicle damaged.

Every object has its limit, include a car. If you use your car for commute quite often, a tune-up will heal the car and make it stable again. Always check your car regularly. Some car broke at that moment without showing any signs. With this article about signs you need to tune up your car, you may now tune up your car for better performance

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