Steps of Making Car Shoot Flame and How to Perform it Safely

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Steps of Making Car Shoot Flame Driveandcar

The automotive addict must want to know the steps of making car shoot flame and how to perform it safely. It makes them challenged to shows the explosions in front of people. In another word, that means they can successfully perform one of the most desirable experiments in the automotive world.

It’s cool if you can perform car shoot flames. But you must be careful on how to make them. Flames that let out from the pipe are originally from the exhaust pipe. The combination of oxygen and gasoline makes phenomenon occurrence. To know more about car shoot flame, you can read our article below.

What to Know in Steps of Making Car Shoot Flame?

Car shoot flame can be only performed by an adult and an expert. The reason behind this restriction is because car shoot flames have big risk on harmful condition. The explosion may happen when you step gas pedal without consideration. Here, we will list thing you should know in steps of making car shoots flame. Please read it carefully


This device becomes the lead actor in the processing of car shoot flames. Air and fuel that mingled inside carburettors will boost you a full injection of gas. If the carburettors well chose, the spark ignition will execute smoothly. Carburettors slow response prevents error condition caused by a faster machine in the engine.


If you dream of using different shape of the pipe when shoot car flames, now you need to erase your wishful thinking. A non-straight pipe will become a barrier for the gas to come out. It is possible for them to stuck in a midway. Just stick to the straight pipe. And don’t forget to get rid of your catalytic converter. Of course, you don’t want the flame shoot unsatisfying.

3.Anti-lag Systems

Are you still worried that your trial will not work? There’s a device, often used by cars racer to spit out the gas easier. The anti-lag system disposes of unburnt fuel became double exhaust emission. Those double exhaust emissions support the turbo to speed up and keeping pace along with the car shoot flames performance.

How to Perform Car Shoot Flame Safely

Your car is your ownership. You need to register them for insurance. Moreover, you will perform something that needs full attention to treatment. As for preventive way, you may consult first with your car insurance company what’s the best coverage for you to take.

Beside of that, you need to periodically check your engine before and after your performance. If the flames shoot without intention, there’s something unusual happen in your engine. Include on how you remove the catalytic converter. Just come to trusted car shop and ask for the car shoot flame care.

It’s a pleasure if you succeed to perform car shoot flames. But what we want you to keep in your mind, is that you can’t force to perform car shoot flames if you still learn for it. Because of the high risk, you have to prepare for yourself first. After you read the explanation of steps of making car shoot flame, we hope it will enlighten you.

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