Take A Good Care of Your Car With These Ten Simple Tips

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Good Care of Your Car With These Ten Simple Tips

Never underestimate the importance of having regular car engine maintenance. You will be surprised at how much you can save when you pay attention to your car’s regular checkups. Some car owners take this for granted, particularly if their cars are new ones. The fact is that a new car needs more maintenance in order to avoid fatal damage to its machine.

Good Care of Your Car With These Ten Simple Tips

Expensive Maintenance Cost? Be Smart With Some Tips and Tricks

Consider saving more money by avoiding regular car maintenance? Your expenses in having your car repaired will be much higher than you might have thought before. It is true that the cost of simple maintenance may reduce your budget for buying daily needs. But, there are ways to reduce the cost of maintenance as well, so that you can save money for unnecessary expenses later on.

Wondering how you can put extra bucks in your bank account with regular car maintenance? Check out these engine maintenance tips that you should do for good car care.


For sure, this is the first and the foremost protection for all car owners. Nobody can survive a car accident, due to a loose brake. In this case, car owners need to have a regular checkup on the brake fluid. A monthly basis check is still good, though the time length is the maximum. You may need to go to their car service provider, in order to clean up the reservoir lid of the brake master cylinder. This part is usually the dirtiest among other parts.

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The technician will inform whether the brake system needs fluid. This is when there is a leak in the braking system. When there is a leak, then it relates to the brake lights. Brake lights are not less important. They should be working as they are crucial to avoid accidents. Brake lights can be broken at any time. This is why, it is always recommended to bring bulbs and fuses for the spare in the car, just in case they are not working.

2.Brake Cables and Tires

The brakes will deliver their function properly when the tires are in good condition. Pay attention to the parts of the car with direct contact to the road. Yes, your car tires can be tired as they roll over a long way. Both tires and brakes correlate to each other for delivering the best vehicle performance and safety. During the car inspection, don’t forget to ask the technician to check the tire’s pressure.

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Though tires are not part of the car engine, their regular inspection is as important as others. Tires should be constantly inflated. Or else, the car will not bring excellent performance. When tires are flat, the car can’t run faster than it is supposed to do. Inflated tires can add up to more than 5% saving fuel gas. You can fill the gas every time you drop by to the gas station so that you don’t have to miss a thing.

Whenever you have your brake and tires inspected, then you can ask, whether there is slight damage on each tire. Once you find any damage, even the slightest one, try to find out the solution. Broken tires won’t likely occur when owners pay attention to the tires’ details.

So, don’t let your brake will break your budget. Pay attention to regular checkups to avoid repetitive repair that may cost you a fortune.


It is hard to imagine when a car is losing battery power. The dead battery power will ruin the whole electrical system. Regular car service will minimize the chance of the dead battery. When the technician makes an inspection of the battery, he usually inspects the electrical system and the thorough tune-ups. Tune-ups are very crucial for the car’s overall performance and lifespan.

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Never doubt to have the battery checking as often as possible, even if it wasn’t the time for your regular tune-up schedule. Battery plays a major role in keeping the whole electrical system works properly. Besides, you can save much more money when you avoid losing battery power in advance. There are some car owners who don’t pay attention to their battery, particularly when they don’t use the car within weeks or taking the power of the battery for granted.

Another benefit of having a regular inspection or tune-ups is the comfort of riding in safety. In this case, it is important to choose reliable car service centers. If you already have one trustworthy service center, then you shouldn’t change your inspection schedule to other service centers. It will not bring maximum performance to your car. You should make sure that your car has its regular checkups at the official car manufacturing service center.

A trustworthy car service center will determine the tune-ups interval, so you can just follow the schedule. Most of the time, a reliable car service center will provide regular services like checking air filters, spark plugs, battery power, electricity system cables, as well as the fuel system. For further inspection, the service center will check the radiator and oil change.

4.Air Filters

Regular inspection of air filters is as crucial as the two aforementioned machine parts. You might want to check it out yourself, instead of waiting for the next checkups schedule. Whenever the air filter is working properly, then you can rest assured that your car can run with very efficient use of gasoline. Air filters relate to the regular oil replacement, engine coolant, and other vehicle fluids like brake fluid, power steering fluid, and so forth.

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When air filters are working properly, then you can be sure that your car doesn’t suffer from overheating. This is particularly during the summer. Leaked air filters can also cause fluid contamination that damages some spare parts.

5.Do You Use The Right Oil?

Most of the time, car owners just have their oil replaced, without even knowing whether the technician is using the right oil or not. Oil cars have similar colors and characteristics, but they deliver different impacts on different cars. This is the main reason, why car owners need to have their oil car replaced at the official car service center. Regular oil replacement itself can reduce fuel consumption. Using the right oil will add the benefits of having a healthy car machine.

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6.Rubber Belts

They are placed at the engine’s front part so they are prone to the car temperature and surrounding climate. Without having your rubber belts checked in regular time, you might see them tear apart. This is especially when you live in hot climate areas. Most car owners have them replaced after 80 kilometers.

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7.Minimizing Air Conditioning Usage

If you live in a hot climate era, it is hard to reduce the temperature of your air conditioning. Turning it into the minimum setting can save fuel consumption, and keeps the air conditioning well in a long term. If the climate is really hot, then you can opt for the average setting level. But, when you have no option, then turning it into maximum level shouldn’t be done too often.

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Turn down the air conditioning to the absolute minimum setting. Running it on maximum can increase your petrol consumption by up to 25%.

8.Battery Checking

Most car owners replace their batteries after four years of usage. This is the maximum time, though. Some cars require faster replacement, particularly old cars. The main treatment for the car battery is its acid level. The regular check for the acid level should be twice a year. When a battery stays 80% during charging for a long time, then you might consider that there is an acid stratification. A battery will also lose its lifespan when there are lots of accessories in a car that uses battery power.

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9.Avoid Low Fuel

Though it seems obvious, most car owners do this. Low fuel can increase the amount of petrol sediments in the tank bottom. When it happens in the long term, then you might need to replace the fuel filter.

10.Drive Moderately

Driving fast may be good for your adrenaline, particularly on a highway. But, you should pay attention to the car engine. It is like you force yourself to run faster at all times, even if your condition is not fit. You should make sure that your car is in good condition before you drive faster.

However, driving in a moderate way frequently is highly recommended. You don’t only save much on your machine, but you can save your maintenance cost, as well as reducing fuel consumption. The same thing applies when you don’t overload your car with unnecessary, heavy things very frequently.

Keep The Car Clean and Avoid Being Overload

Above all else, regular washing is also very important for keeping away dirt and dust. They don’t seem to deliver a major impact on the machine’s performance. But, when they are left untreated, then they can cause corrosion to the machine and other spare parts. So, engine maintenance is actually easy and saves you money. Never make a delay when it comes to car regular checkups.

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