The Causes of Bubbles in Car Tires and 7 Fixes You can try

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Driving on a tire with a bubble is not safe at all. Such tire cannot handle debris, potholes, and other road hazards. If you keep driving on it, the tire will get burst. Therefore, it is always advised to check the car tires carefully before going for a drive. What are the causes of bubbles in car tires and 7 fixes? Read further below.

The causes of bubbles in car tires and how to fix them

There are multiple reasons for bubbles in car tires. Most bubbles are caused by impact damage. Usually it happens when a tire hits a sharp object in the road such as speed bumps, curbs, railroad crossings, and potholes. After hitting such objects, a damage in the inner liner forms, forcing air to leak into the tire’s body. As a result, bubbles form. Therefore, you should be careful when driving on heavily damaged roads and road construction areas.

Sometimes tire bubbles can be caused by an in internal defect in the tire. This kind of defect could be covered by your warranty. But, in order to determine the cause of the air bubbles, the bubble should be thoroughly inspected by an authorized dealer.

How to deal with bubbles in car tires

After being informed about what causes bubbles in car tires, it’s also important to know how to fix this problem. Unfortunately, repairing bubbles is not something you can do on your own. You have to take your vehicle to the tire shop right away. Here are what you need to do.

Change your tire

As a car owner, knowing how to change tires is a necessity. Going forward, you never know what could happen. Therefore, always bring a spare tire.

Drive carefully to the nearest shop

If you don’t carry any spare tire, there is nothing you can do but going to the nearest tire shop to have the tire replaced with the new one. For your information, bubbles can’t be repaired. The only way to deal with this problem is to replace it.

It is not possible to repair bubbles because the bubbles show that there is a structure damage to entire tire. The only thing to do is to replace it before a blowout happens.


Prevention is always better than cure. First, make sure you always check the tire pressure regularly especially if you want to go for a long trip. Ideally, tire pressure once a week. Second, never forget to carry a spare tire. With a spare tire ready in your car, you can replace the broken tire anytime. Third, try to avoid any potholes. It sounds impossible but at least try to drive carefully and slowly on a damage road.

Understanding the causes of bubbles in car tires and 7 fixes is important for car owners. Whenever your find a bubble in your tires, don’t get panic. Get the tire replaced as soon as possible. Keep in mind that driving on a tire with a bubble is highly dangerous.

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