The Importance of Changing the Transmission Fluid

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Changing transmission fluid

Many drivers know that they should change engine oil every 5,000 kilometers (generally once in six months). What about the transmission fluid? But, do you really need to get the transmission fluid changed? The answer is definitely yes. Not many people know that changing transmission fluid is just as important as changing the engine oil. Here is why.

Do you really need to get the transmission fluid changed?

Heat is the most major concern for any transmission fluid. Transmission produces heat due to a lot of friction it creates. The fluid is pumped through the transition and counter act the heat. The transmission holds a greater load thus it generates more heat. As a result, the heat break down the fluid so it is burnt over time.

Therefore, it is crucial to take care of your transmission fluid becomes it gets discolored and burnt. Before changing the transmission fluid, you may be offered another option, which is a transmission fluid flush. How is it different from transmission fluid change?

Transmission flush is the process of cleaning the transmission line using a solvent agent. The purpose is to freshen the transmission fluid and prevent car malfunction. However, it costs more than a change. That it’s why a change is a better option.

Changing transmission fluid offers some benefits. First, it improves fuel economy. In addition, it prevent your engine to lock-up thus your car runs smoother. More importantly, it helps save money.

When is the best time to change the transmission fluid?

The majority of auto mobile manufactures recommend to get a transmission fluid changed every 70,000 kilometers. It applies for most cars. Actually you can tell when to get it changed by looking at the color of the fluid in your transmission. Normally the color is clean pink. A color change (usually it becomes darker) is a sign that the fluid needs to be replaced.

Bear in mind that a car transmission is a very costly component to repair or even replace. Therefore, it is important to get it changed at the recommended intervals before it’s too late. Proper maintenance is also crucial. It will keep your transmission in top shape and may prolong its life.

Because it’s very expensive, even many mechanics suggest old car owners to sell their car for some money if the transmission no longer works. Instead of spending much money repairing your transmission, try to care of it before more severe problems occur.

For your information, the maintenance for manual transmission is different from that of automatic. Manual transmission requires less simple maintenance than automatic one as it has simpler gears and components in the transmission.

If you don’t take care of your transmission fluid, it will leak. As a result, your vehicle will work improperly. You can still continue driving your car when this problems happens only in a sort term. You should immediately take the vehicle in a repair shop. So, do you really need to change the transmission fluid? Yes especially when it starts to discolor or to leak.

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