The Importance of the ABS System

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ABS System

ABS System – Imagine you are right now driving your new, modern car on a fast road, enjoying a beautiful panorama, but out of the blue a giant truck just slips and pilfers the road like a crazy beast, and you have to press the brake as hard as you can! Panic, as if you think any bad things can afflict, but… you are just fine! Yes, you feel a little bump and judder but you are perfectly fine. No, no need to thank any superman or batman, it’s just the anti-lock braking system! Wait, who or what is that?

Meet The Anti-Lock Braking System

The ABS is a safety system of most modern cars since 1980, which is responsible to revive the driver to control the car during hard braking. With the work of the ABS, your car wheel will remain in touch with the surface of the road. It will prevent the wheels from locking and uncontrolled skidding. In other words, in every hard brake pressing, your ABS will stop your brakes from locking causing you to lose control of the car.

ABS works to sense a locking wheel while applying the brake. The ABS will use a hydraulic valve set to control the braking pressure, somehow impersonating you are pumping the brakes (bust faster and harder) that keep your car stay on the surface of the road. This will be your guardian angel, in a machine form, during a slippery or snowy day.

ABS systems, just like other systems in any vehicle, have the possibility of being worn out, failing, or damaged. Here are a few examples of unresponsive or failing ABS systems and what will it affect.

2 Signs of Failing ABS System

There are lots of problems surrounding the ABS a lot of people encounter. Not necessarily the biggest problem, because the ABS itself is an additional feature. But still, better safe than sorry. You might want to check on your car to the mechanic if one of these problems appears.

1.The brake pedal becomes unresponsive

The first problem of ABS systems failing is your brake pedal will start being unresponsive. This problem will cause your car to not adequately be able to stop. This is not a type of problem that happens out of the blue, fortunately. This will take a long time of process and use, and therefore you will have time to check on your ABS and brake system before it is completely worn out.

2.Hard to push the brake pads

As important as the brake is, it should not require a too hard push or pressure to make your car slowing down and stop. It should be light and gentle push down and create a noticeable slowing down. But, if otherwise, your car needs a harder push, you might have to check on your brake and ABS to the mechanic.

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Those are the last things you have to know about the ABS, which is the way it works and the two most common precautions of failing systems.

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