Top Things To Do When You Find Blue, Black, or White Smoke from Your Vehicle

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Blue Exhaust Smoke

When there is smoke coming from your car exhaust, you can take further action, depending on the colors.  The smoke can be blue, white, or black. Every color represents ‘its own characteristic’. So, if you really care about your car, then you should make the fastest decision, whenever it happens.

Keep reading to find out what to do in the first place when your exhaust produces smoke, whether it is blue, black, or white.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

Blue Exhaust Smoke

Smoke in blue color is mostly shown when the car just starts up. The blue smoke will show up during the process of oil burning. Oil burning is somewhat a problem. It is rare to find blue smoke on new cars, though it will likely happen when owners don’t pay attention to the maintenance.

Blue smoke is an indication of the amount of oil. It can be too low or too high. It depends on the combustion chamber. When the amount of oil is entering the chamber too much, then it causes oil burning.  On the other hand, a low amount of oil can cause overheating. The exceedingly amount of viscous can also let the oil enter the combustion chamber.

There are times when owners still face similar problems, even after they fix the oil level. In this case, they might want to check the piston ring. When it is damaged, due to the leak head gasket, then car owners should fix it immediately. It happens mostly on diesel vehicles.

What will happen when the blue smoke is left untreated? The oil-burning process will ruin the spark plugs, due to catalytic converter overheat. When it happens, then motor owners will need to have their PCV valve replaced.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Black Exhaust Smoke

The black exhaust is easy to identify as excessive fuel burning. It is very easy to find black smoke from diesel trucks’ exhaust.  Though it seems very common on diesel vehicles, it is not recommended to leave it untreated. The black smoke is thicker, due to the unmaintained car engine for the long term. The first and foremost solution is to replace the air filter. But, when the black smoke is not too thick, then owners can have a technician to clean the fuel injectors from any buildup.  Usually, the technician will also clean the cylinder chambers.

Keep in mind that black smoke is easy to identify, and most car owners will directly have their cars repaired.  Or else, other spare parts will get damaged easily.

White  Exhaust Smoke

white Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust smoke is not really a problem when it is not too thick. When it gets thicker, then there is a problem with the head gasket, in which the coolant is getting burned. There must be damage to the engine block. It should be fixed right away, or else the coolant will leak and muddle up with the oil.

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The rarest problem is the gray exhaust smoke. It is the sign of a problem that occurs on the transmission fluid. When it looks very dark, then it needs to be replaced. Some car owners have the transmission fluid replaced, but they still see the gray exhaust smoke. When it happens, then a professional technician can help for avoiding the failure transmission.

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