What Causing Smells in My Car? 7 Smells in Cars and How to Get Rid of Them!

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What Causing Smells in My Car

What Causing Smells in My Car – Not all smells in a car come from a dirty car or smell that comes from hot temperature air because of the sunshine. Sometimes, car smells come to show that there might be something wrong with your car that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Check this article out to see 7 common car smells that indicate some damage or precautions to your vehicle!

7 Common Smells in Cars that Shows Precautions

At least, there are 7 common smells in cars that you should be aware of because they show any precautions of broken systems or worn out parts. Here are those aromas:

1.The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs

This smell comes from an exhaust catalytic converter that turns into sulfur dioxide. It indicates that your catalytic converter should be replaced soon because it is not working properly. In most new cars, this kind of repair and maintenance is covered by a warranty.

2.The smell of gasoline

This smell can simply come from a sloppy refueling. But also, shall indicate any leak on your fuel tank or vent hose. Check your car as soon as possible and do not light any fire or turn the car on until it gets repaired.

3.The smell of hot oil

This kind of smell makes an unpleasant aroma that indicates that there is any oil leaking, from such engine parts, such as the crankshaft. This oil leak could be dangerous since it can cause smokes coming from under your car. If you are starting to smell this from your vehicle, as soon as possible contact any mechanic to help check your car completely.

4.Smell of syrup

This odor is pretty appealing since it is sweet and fresh. Otherwise, this smell indicates a leaky radiator or hose in your car’s heating system. If your car starts to smell like syrup, check it right away to prevent the radiator from running out and dry or even getting overheated and break down the machine.

5.The smell of the locker room

Aside from gross, this smell also shows that your car vehicle’s air conditioner evaporator might have grown mold of mildew. This does not necessarily bring bad impacts to your driving but apparently will affect your family members or passengers with nose problems.

6.The smell of burned carpet

Any burned carpet aroma is a sign that there might be something wrong or damage to your brakes. It can be worn out, or you accidentally forget to disengage a handbrake.

7.The smell of a rubber getting burned

This odor shows that there is damage to your engine belts and hoses. It can be an overheating condition or loosen the belt. Two of these conditions require a quick change. Get your mechanic on the phone right away.

Always Be Aware of Cars Smells

Most people we know are always aware of cars’ smells since things such as leaky conditions, broken air conditioners, or even broken brakes do not visually appear all the time. But the nose that sniffs aroma does not lie. Always learn to understand your cars’ “communication” ways to you.

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