What Should You Know About Your Car Air Conditioner Condenser?

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What you need to know about Air Conditioner Condenser:

Air Conditioner Condenser – It is important to know the system in your vehicle that helps your car atmosphere cool and comfortable. We all know it is the work of the air conditioner. Yet, there is a little-part-but-huge role in air conditioners that helps to swap the heat to return to the liquid state. It is called the condenser. To know about the condenser a little bit further, check on the article below:

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Condenser

There are at least three things you have to know about Air Conditioner Condenser, those are the function, the operating system that makes it work, and the problem that people usually encounter with air conditioner condensers. This lore will help you in case your condenser needs a regular light check, you do not have to spend more cash at the workshop.

The Function of AC Conditioner Condenser

What is the function of an air conditioner condenser, or what is its role in air conditioners? Well, the condenser function is to remove the hot air from the freon, which comes from the air conditioner compressor. The gas in the freon will turn into a liquid state after being assisted by a cooling fan. Thus, without a condenser, Freon’s original gaseous form will not turn into a liquid. That is why this part greatly affects the coldness of the Air Conditioner in the car.

The Operating System of AC Condenser

How does the air conditioner condenser work? How do they operate? Well, there are at least 4 steps of an air conditioner condenser operating system you have to understand.

  1. The air conditioner condenser is known as heat exchange which can transfer heat into the air.
  2. This component is the hot enough part of the car air conditioner, where the condenser is located at the front of the car radiator.
  3. The freon that has been pumped by the car air conditioner compressor will enter the condenser in the form of high-pressure gas with very hot temperatures.
  4. The blown wind from the cooling fan will be attached to the condenser, then will dissipate the heat produced, reduce the freon pressure, and change the form from gas to liquid.

The Problem Air Conditioner Condenser Encounters A Lot

There is no technology that is free from problems, every technology has a problem that should be maintained. The 4 main problems air conditioner condenser encounters a lot are:

  1. A condition where the spare part is old enough it should be renewed with a new component.
  2. Depleted freon, or a condition in which the freon runs out, and makes the air conditioner not working the way it should be. Most of the cases it happens because of the leaky freon.
  3. A deadlock, or a condition when the flow of freon is obstructed, thus it cannot flow normally
  4. Leakage, or a condition where the freon flow leaks and makes the freon run out.

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Those are three basic things about air conditioner condensers every vehicle owner should know

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