What You Need to Know About Drive Belt, The Importance and How to Maintain

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Drive Belt

Drive belts are an important part of every automotive machine such as cars and motorcycles. However, as a machine made by a manufacturer, a drive belt does not long last forever. It needs proper maintenance and a tendency to keep it work as long as possible. To do that, at least you have to know basic lore about drive belts. Check this writing out to see basic things about drive belts you oughta know!

What Is a Drive Belt and How Does It Work?

The drive belt is a more common name than its original term, the serpentine belt. It is known as the automotive part that is responsible as a connector among alternator, air conditioner, power steering, several other components that are important to the crankshaft.

The crankshaft itself is a part of an engine in cars or motorcycles that works to provide power to the alternator. Not only responsible for the alternator, but the crankshaft also works to the water pump in some cars.

As time goes by, the drive belt grows worn out and torn because the engine surrounding it makes heat that affects the drive belt. Soon, the belt will be worn out, and the steering activity will be difficult to do. In several cars that have the water pump controlled by the crankshaft, the broken or worn out drive belt can make the engine overheat. An overheated engine can cause serious problems for vehicles and requires greater maintenance by automotive workshops.

How Long a Drive Belt Lasts?

Each belt shall last from 65,000-100,000 miles. In that term of time, they do not to be changed regularly unless getting worn out or damaged. But still, they need a proper regular check to make sure it does not get loosened. Here are a few maintenance things you can learn by yourself.

To Maintain A Driver Belt, What Should You Do?

But that is okay. There are things you can do to prevent the vehicle machines from overheating and burning your drive belt. These are the few basic maintenance tips:

  1. First of all, is, of course, to know where your belt is located in the vehicle. The more exact the spot you know it, the easier for you to do a regular check-up. It can be located at the front of the engine or somewhere else, depending on the vehicle.
  2. Change the oil in the belt regularly to prevent it from significant damage due to the overheat condition.
  3. Check the connection between the belt and the pulleys and stand correctly and not slip off.
  4. Check the tensioner of your belt. The tensioner shall control the amount of belt tension and helps it stay tight to the pulleys. If the tension happens to slip off the pulleys, the component the belt is powering shall lose its power.
  5. Prevent cracks in the belt. There should not be more than three cracks in a good to a normal condition of a drive belt.

Those are the things about the drive belt that you need to know.

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