What You Need to Know about Fuel Filter Replacement

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Replace Fuel Filter

Fuel filter plays a very important role in optimizing engine performance. In order to always function properly, it requires regular maintenance. Fuel filter works by filtering out the gas the power the engine so it becomes free from contaminants such as debris and dirt. Over time, fuel filter can get clogged thus it fails to filter the gas. When this happens, do I need to replace my fuel filter?

Do I need to replace my fuel filter?

Fuel delivery system is a crucial part of your car and fuel filter is a component that plays a vital role in making the system efficient. A poor fuel filter leads to a decreased engine performance. It’s imperative to replace the filter over time to avoid engine failure. A good fuel filter boosts engine power in a way that it prevent clogging of fuel injectors.

Because the engine is always in a good condition, its lifespan automatically increases. It’s because the fuel filter protect the cylinders of the engine from dust. Broken cylinders, pistons, and other engine components due to dust accumulation require costly repairs. Before this happens, it is better to replace the filter in advance.

In addition to improved engine performance and lifespan, clean fuel filters contribute to better fuel efficiency. Replacing the fuel filter with a new replacement ensures the fuel flows to the engine at the right amount. When fuel is not sufficiently supplied to the engine, harmful emissions are likely to occur because of inadequate fuel burning. Having clean fuel is the key to reduce the emissions.

Considering the importance of fuel filter, replacing it as recommended by the manufacturer is highly needed. It ensures engine efficiency while the engine itself is the core of the vehicle. Without good fuel and filter, the vehicle won’t work well.

How often you should change a fuel filter

Many mechanics recommend changing a fuel filter every 20,000 – 30,000 miles for old cars. Nowadays, however, many fuel filters can last until more than 60,000a miles due to the improvements to fuels in newer car models. To determine the best time to have it changed, it’s a good idea to speak to your mechanic.

Despite the miles, manual, and mechanic’s suggestion, it’s important to recognize specific symptoms signaling there’s problem with your fuel system. The most noticeable symptom is a decrease power when going uphill. It may be caused by a number of different factors. Go check the filter to know if it’s the case.

Other symptoms regarding problems with fuel filter include rough starts and sluggish acceleration. Of course, the reasons behind these symptoms vary from spark plugs to carburetor problems. Therefore, further inspection and troubleshooting is required to know if it is caused by the fuel filter.

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Do I need to replace my fuel filter? Yes, absolutely. Although usually fuel filter can last at least up to 2 years for old car models, whenever you feel the aforementioned system, check it out. Delayed fuel filter replacement leads to further roadside problems.

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