What’s Good About Having Sunroof on Car?

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What’s a sunroof? A sunroof is a panel on the roof of a car that can be opened to reveal a window. This lets light and fresh air into the passenger area. Sunroofs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, and they can be opened and closed by hand or with a motor. Most of the time, the word “sunroof” refers to any glass panel on the roof of your car.

What’s the difference between having a sunroof and having a moonroof?

People often get the sunroof and the moonroof mixed up. A sunroof is different because it can slide open or pop up to let the sky in. They are usually made of glass or metal. Most of the time, you can tilt the sunroof open to let air in from above. As the name suggests, a moonroof is a piece of tinted glass that slides between the headliner and the roof. This is built into the car and can’t be taken out, but it usually slides or tilts open.

Why are people so crazy about sunroofs?

The sunroof has become a symbol of luxury, and many people now look for or at least consider this feature when buying a new car. Sunroofs are becoming more and more popular because they make it look like you’re in a high-end car. Some people think it’s a must-have when shopping for a car right now. Fans of cars admit that they just wanted a sunroof because they liked the way it “looked and felt.” A sunroof gives your car that extra touch of class. People have always liked how sunroofs look and feel, so when they buy a high-end car, they make sure to get one with a sunroof.

Types of Sunproof

1.Pop-up Car Sunroofs

Pop-up Car Sunroofs

These are just tilting panels that are moved by hand. These panels are easy to take off and store when they are. When the panel is removed, the panel can be tilted to create a vent in the roof or a full opening. Compared to the other ones, these are cheap. You can find them in cars like the Porsche 944, the Mazda RX-7, and so on.

2. Sunroof Spoiler

Sunroof Spoiler

These sunroofs tilt to let air in and slide to open the roof above. They don’t need much headroom or length of roof. Spoilers don’t usually have as big of an opening as the other roof systems, but they do have a panel that folds up on its own. Most car sunroofs with a spoiler are electric, and they can come with extra features like built-in sun shades and a button that makes them easy to open and close. They can be found in cars like the Honda CRX, for example.

3. Built-in sunroof

Built-in sunroof

These sunroofs have a panel that slides open between the roof and the car’s headliner. This takes up some of the headroom but lets the roof open up completely. All of the built-in slide pens are in the roof, and some of them also have a back vent that can be opened and closed. Inbuilt doesn’t work with every vehicle because the panel has to slide and fit all the way into the roof of the vehicle. The Ford Thunderbird is an example of a car where they can be found.

4. Folding sunroof

Folding sunroof

Like a convertible car, they have a sunroof that can be opened. The panel is made of fabric or vinyl, and as it slides open, it folds back on itself. They can be found in cars like the VW Beetle and the Jeep Liberty.

5. Top-mounted sliding mount


They have a big glass panel that slides open on tracks at the top of the roof without taking away any headroom. Most of these have a built-in wind deflector to stop noise from the wind. They can be found in cars like the Renault 5s, for example.

6. Panoramic roof


These systems are a type of large or multi-panel moonroof with openings above both the front and back seats. The glass panels can be moved or left in place. Some cars with panoramic sunroofs are the Lexus ES, the BMW MINI, the Mercedes C-class, the Acura ZDX, etc.

7.Removable roof panels

Removable roof panels

These sunroofs, which are also called “t-tops” or “Targa roofs,” open the roof of the car to the side windows. This gives the car a bigger opening than other roof systems. The Targa body style is the same as the Sedanca in every way. Still, it is meant to be driven by the owner, not by a chauffeur, and while the Sedanca style suggests a back seat, the Targa style does not. Instead, T-roofs have two panels that can be taken off, leaving the T-shaped support in the middle of the roof. Targa roofs only have one (clear or opaque) panel and don’t have any cross braces. Some cars that have them are the Porsche 911 Targa, the Honda NSX, the Porsche 914, the Chevrolet Corvette, and many others.

8. Solar sunroof

Solar sunroof

As the name suggests, these sunroofs are made of glass, and they are made opaque by a hatched solar panel. They work the same way as regular moonroofs, but when they are closed, the solar panel powers the ventilation fans inside the car when the car is sitting outside in the sun on a hot day. You can find cars like new Audis, the 2010 Prius, the Renault Zoe, and the Mazda 929.

9. Moonroof


This type of sunroof is usually made of glass or plexiglass and is see-through. The sunroof lets light into the car even when it’s closed. Some cars that have them are the Aston Martin Lagonda series 2–4, the Mk1 Ford Fiesta, and many others.

What’s good about having a sunroof?

Allows in fresh air

The main benefit of a sunroof is that it lets in more natural light than a regular glass area. Sunroofs always have a sunblind and a tint to keep the inside of the car from getting too hot. They let in more light from outside and made the cabin look bigger. Some users also say that it improves the way the cabin looks.

Lower the heat inside.

Because it is so hot in the UAE, leaving your car parked for even 30 minutes is enough to turn the inside into an oven. Instead of starting the car and turning the air conditioner all the way down, try opening the sunroof for a few minutes. Because it is lighter, hot air rises more quickly than cold air. So, opening the sunroof makes it easier for hot air to get out of the car. With the global up/down feature, you can use your key to open the windows, and if the car has a sunroof, it will also open, so you don’t have to worry about getting into a hot car. You can also do this while driving by tilting the sunroof, which lets the air move through the car.

Make your own convertible car

If you open the sunroof at slow or medium speeds, you might get the feel of a convertible car without having to pay for one. It’s a lot more fun to drive at night with the sunroof open. You can enjoy a cool breeze without getting a wind blowing like you would if you opened the windows when it’s the right weather. You can even park your car, put the backrest down, and look up at the stars without leaving the comfort of your car.

Your car will look even more stylish.

A car looks better when it has a sunroof. Black tinted glass on a car’s roof adds a great touch to its overall look. Sunroofs are often associated with luxury cars, so having one on your car makes it look like it has a feature from a higher class.

Sunroofs aren’t always necessary, but they do have their own advantages. Still, there are some very common ways to get it wrong.

Cons Of Sunroof In Car

  • Most of the time, the car’s air conditioning is on, so this feature can be mostly ignored on very hot days or in places where temperatures are usually very high.
  • When the sun is very bright, moonlight car sunroofs only let in more sun rays, which can be irritating.
    If the glass breaks, it will be very expensive to fix.
  • Old cars with sunroofs lose some of their value because buyers might not want to buy a car with a sunroof.
  • It is hard to keep up because the rubber, glass, motor, and other mechanical parts may need to be fixed often.
  • When it rains, water might get into the car and make it wet and full of water. Most of the time, passengers have more headroom in cars without sunroofs.
  • Lastly, sunroofs in cars are very expensive.

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