Wheel Alignment: When Should You Get It and Other Important Facts

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Wheel Alignment

People are wondering, what is the importance of wheel alignment? Is that necessary? Isn’t it just additional maintenance? Do I have to get a wheel alignment? Every wonder and question is asked mostly by new car owners. And below, the article will help you sort things out in your mind about wheel alignment.

What Is Wheel Alignment and How Often Should You Get It?

According to experts, wheel alignment can be referred to as an adjustment of the suspensions of your vehicle. This is a work of adjusting the system that connects a vehicle to the wheels. This adjustment also contains the angles of the tires to the vehicle, which creates a very noticeable effect on the car driving.

If your car’s wheels do not have an adequate angle to your car’s body, you will soon notice if your car does not work straight, even if you are in full control. Or even there is a hard squeak noise every time you are taking a turn.

Unlike other maintenance, this one has regular ideal miles to do for every kind of car. An average day of doing wheel alignment at the workshop is for every 6,000 miles of distance.

Wheel Alignment Process on A Car

A wheel alignment is pretty important to be done, to extend your car safety span. Cars that do not get a proper wheel alignment will soon encounter premature tires damaged. At some point, you might lose control over your car’s wheels. This is never a good idea for safety’s sake.

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There are even some precautions that indicate if you need a tire alignment that could and should not be ignored. What are those?

  1. Uneven or rapid tire wear
  2. While you are driving straight to the road, the steering wheel occasionally crooked.
  3. The steering makes loud noises.
  4. Your ability to control the car is lessened, as the car starting to pulling to the left or right itself.
  5. Tires are squealing.
  6. You can feel a vibration on the steering wheels.

Three Things About Wheel Alignment

There are three things mechanics are mostly concerned with for wheel alignment diagnoses and tendencies. Here are those:


Camber is known as the inward or the outward angle of the wheel and tire, seen from the front side of the car. If the camber tilt is just too little or much, it should be something concerning and indicates an improper alignment of the wheel that should be adjusted.


Toe is an extension of tires turn inward or outward, viewed from above the vehicle. If the wheel or tire seems not adequately set and adjusted it will soon need a proper wheel alignment because it is very unsafe to drive in this condition.


The caster angle itself contains stability, concern, and balance of steering. Easily, it is known as the angle of your steering from your vehicle side. Positive caster means steering axis tilt towards the driver. Otherwise done with a negative caster. This condition will also need a special adjustment for the comfort and safety manner of driving.

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