When To Use High-Beam And Low-Beam Headlights?

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When use high beam and low beam headlights

Did you know that every car or vehicle has a headlight feature? This is one of the most important features that will help enlighten or illuminates the road. At the same time, worth noting that the headlight consists of a high and low beam. Those two beams are different, yet has a familiar function. One of the most frequently asked questions is the when to use high-beam and low-beam headlights? Before you find the answer, here is what you should know.

Get To Know The Two Beams

Before you look for the proper time to use the beams, it is worth understanding what are they. First, you might already found the difference from its name. You got a low beam which explains how the light is. The beam has a lateral or downward fashion which is very common for a normal night driving. You can see the direction of the light will mainly be going down, illuminate the road but still provide enough lighting to show the incoming traffic.

With that said, the low beam is the most conventional light that will be set as a standard. In many cases, people will prefer using this mode since it doesn’t bother the incoming traffic visibilities. How about the high beam? You should know from the name. This particular beam will provide a light distribution that more centralized. It directed toward the middle with a higher angle of the light projection. It will be easy to spot different if you drive on the dark empty road.

You can see how the full or the high beam lights directing the light straight in front of the vehicle. Provide a wider and brighter illumination. In this case, people or most of the drivers should know that the different beam provides different visibilities. When to use high-beam and low-beam headlights? If you have enough illumination in the road or have tons of incoming traffic, then use the low beam. Otherwise, use the full beam when you are in poorly lit areas.

Safety Measures You Should Aware

Many people think that the full beam gives more light, which is good for their visibilities. It is true, however, you should consider the incoming traffic too. Most likely, when using a high beam, drivers from different directions will get glare from your lighting. This very dangerous for both you and the other road user. It is also applying for whoever that facing toward your vehicle. Pedestrian, biker, motorist, or other people will momentarily be blinded with the beam.

But it doesn’t mean you should opt-out this beam. There are some time or occasion that the high beam is important. Such as a country road that has low light and low incoming traffic. With that being said, you can tell that the user also related to safety measures. In certain countries, some come with an additional measure to ensure greater safety for the on-road drivers. In Indonesia, the low beam headlight should be turned all day.

There is also a left-handed country, that introduces the low beam which dips to the left. While the right-handed country, dip the light to the right. The Indonesian mandatory, apparently also implemented in Canada. Every vehicle will be equipped with Daytime Running Lights which greatly affecting in increasing visibilities during the day. It is advisable to switch on the low beams in case there is extreme weather with road conditions and visibility is very poor.

When use high beam and low beam headlights

Both Has Distinct Function

When to use high-beam and low-beam headlights? To fully understand the right time to use the beam, it is worth learning about the function. You should know that the two modes bore a very distinct function despite being used for lighting. You can say the projection and the intensity is the main function difference. Based on the general road rules, when you got the oncoming traffic within a distance of 500 feet or 150 meters, you should engage the low beam.

With that said, you can comprehend that the area with healthy traffic flow will be better using the low beam. It also applies to well-lit areas, such as downtown city areas or places with many pedestrians around. The thing you should keep in mind is the fact that the low beam provides enough light without blinding other people. So, use it when you got enough illumination around or when you tend to encounter people.

On the other hand, the high beams are meant for nighttime in empty areas. What it means by empty is there is no oncoming traffic, has a very low light condition, or people around you. This beam provides more brightness or known for its extra bright projection. Creating enough visibilities, under the low light condition. However, make sure to switch into a low beam as soon as you encounter incoming drivers within 150 meters.

Low Beam For Extreme Weather

Another thing to note is the fact that not all of the low visibilities need to use the high beam. For example, extreme weather such as fog, heavy snowfall, or rain. So, when to use high-beam and low-beam headlights? Contrary to popular belief, in this condition, you should use the low beam. Why? Some researches show how the water molecules will reflect the light from the full beam. In turn, it would make the visibilities worsened.

The reflection will make it more difficult for you and other drivers to have a clear view of the road. To make it easier to understand the water will make your vision even more blurry than it should be. If you are looking for a way to counter this condition, it will be better to install fog light. The special light feature is designed to emit light in a bar-shaped beam. It has a sharp angle that only illuminates the ground immediately in front of the vehicle.

But how can the low beam help when you got very bad visibility? You got the main reason that the water reflection will make your road sight worsened. Thus, at least the low facing of this beam will reduce the reflection. Even if it is just a tiny bit. At the same time, the full-beam might blind other drivers from the oncoming traffic. While you can’t see each other in extreme weather, the sudden glare of full-beam won’t be good for them.

Advantages Of Low Beams

Have you thought why the government or manufacturer make the mandatory of using the low beam headlight? Some advantages have been proven from its implementation. The first reason is the fewer accident rate. As funny or impossible it sounds, using the low beam can ensure greater safety for the vehicle in front of you and those from the oncoming traffic. It also answers the when to use high-beam and low-beam headlights question.

It also considered a more civilized way to travel. The beam won’t cause strain to your eyes, creating glare for everyone, and blinded the. Lastly, the beam also considered as the most ideal alternative for extreme weather conditions. Especially for the heavy fog and rain which has water molecules on the road. This is the most convenient option; in case you have no fog light or additional lighting features.

Advantages Of High Beam

On the other hand, the high beams also bore some advantages that worth noticing. While it is not an ideal pick for extreme weather, but the beam provides better visibilities. Especially in poorly lit areas or on the deserted highways. It has a greater intensity in the projections of light. It is also commonly used as a signaling device. You can flash the beam to warn vehicle or people’s presence or to signal the right of passage for pedestrians.

Different Bulb And The Headlight Assist

You can also consider using a different bulb. Many experts explain that different bulbs will have different effects on your headlight beams. For your information, the standard modern vehicles use brighter Halogen headlight with no-blinding effect. It provides white light which has a longer lifespan than the LED bulb or Xenon. If you still have those yellow light bulbs as a headlight, this is the time to move on to the more modern one.

In some cases, people tend to forget to switch back into the normal low beam. Especially, when they encounter oncoming traffic. Or there are some stories, of they don’t know when to use high-beam and low-beam headlights. In this case, some newer cars come with advanced technology known as headlight assist. It can automatically adjust the headlight to the correct setting, so you don’t need to do anything.

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You can say that as one of the most important features for a vehicle, the headlight will be very useful for some conditions. You can use it as a normal light, when there is fog, use it under heavy rain, night driving, etc. However, worth noting that the two beams have very distinct use. You have to use the high beam when you need a longer centralized light, while the low beam provides adequate lighting which is way better and advised to use in fog or heavy rain.

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