Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

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Brakes Squeaking

Generally, brakes are known as a system that helps slow down the vehicle from running and end in stopping. A healthy brake should at least be strong enough to make a sudden movement and make noises as light as possible. But, under some circumstances, brakes may make a squeaking sound that shall worry the car or motorcycle owner. Below, you shall see the reason why breaks are squeaking and how to handle them?

Why Are Brakes Squeaking?

Yes, good condition brakes should make a sound as light as possible, but that does not mean total silence. They tend to make some noises at some point. Yet it still slows down the vehicle well.

As most brakes made by cast-iron discs that are squeezed between two brake pads and friction material, the good condition of brakes shall make the pads and the caliper of the car mounted in and start to vibrate.

Therefore, the squeaking sound from the brakes happens because of a discrete frequency. In other words, the harder your press the brakes pedal, the speeder the car goes, the louder the squeaks noise will be. This is caused by the mass between the pad of the brakes and the disc brakes.

Stopping the Brakes from Squeaking

However, when the brakes become louder and screeching, it will annoy the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Therefore, it is pretty important to learn how to maintain and stop the brakes squeaking.

  1. The first thing you can do is to change your brake pads to a different material. Choosing the new pad with premium material will help decrease the frequency of the stretch between the pad and the discs and change the tune.
  2. Buy special widgets that help to cure squeaks. The widgets range from various types, such as aerosols spray. But, this type is not necessarily needed all the time and people tend to just change the pad material
  3. Apply some grease to the brake pads. You will have to remove the brake pads from the calipers first and then apply the brake grease to each contact point of the brake. Make sure you apply enough amount of the greases to all the locations including the brake pads’ backside and also the carrier of the caliper. But, it is important to prevent the grease from any brake pad friction surface and the rotor surface.
  4. You can also install some set of shims to your brake pads to help avoid any brake noise. Shims responsible for taking up the slack that causes brake pads to move from the spot it stays. Brake pads that move around will make a layer of rubber absorbing vibrations. That will end up in squeaking noise and brake pad shims shall help.
  5. You can also bring your car to the nearest mechanic and ask for electronic parking brakes. These electronic brakes help control the car movement and prevent you from sudden stops that cause screeching.

Those are the reasons brakes are squeaking and how to stop it from making more squeak noises.

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