Why Is It Hard to Shift My Automatic Transmission Out of Park?

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Why Is It Hard to Shift My Automatic Transmission Out of Park

You might be wondering the answer of why is it hard to shift my automatic transmission out of park. Here we have the explanation to give. Vehicles with the automatic transmission actually might not have a stick shift and a clutch, but they can still probably have trouble shifting. Usually drivers may have trouble getting the car out of the park into gear.

The problems with shifting the automatic transmission may come from a few different places, and starting with shift interlock feature. If you are having the trouble shifting the transmission, the interlock might be malfunctioning.

Why Is It Hard to Shift My Automatic Transmission Out of Park?

When the interlock switch is not fully releasing and worn, or the brakelights don’t receive the signal from brakelight switch to illuminate, then you won’t be able to do shift out of Park. The linkage connecting the shift lever into the transmission might could be gummed up with corroded or grease so that it cannot operate freely.

Dirt, grease and moisture can collect on or in the interlock and also brakelight switches as well as on the related parts and shift cables. If that happens, you will be most likely to have problems in shifting out of Park when the transmission and engine are cold, such as when after the car has sat for hours. If after the engine gets warm and other parts of the vehicle get warmer, the goo could become softer and will make it easier for you to shift out of Park.

How You Release An Automatic Gear Shift Stuck In Park

What would be your first reaction if you find your automatic gear shift is stuck in park? Some people might try to force the shifter into gear, which is really a big mistake. It can do more harm than the good. Here we list some of the causes and also solutions to this particular problem.

You should be Careful Whenever Parking On An Incline

Parking on a hill or in an incline can create this problem. It happens when you can’t park the vehicle properly. It can roll when you want to release the brakes after shifting to the park mode. As the result, entire weight of the car goes to the parking gear and also the pawl prevents the gear from retracting. To avoid being stuck in a situation in the future, don’t you take the foot off the brake before even applying the parking brake. Then, take off your foot and move shift to park. In this way, your car will not roll and the parking brake also will hold its weight.

You have to check The Brake Light

Another reason that the automatic gear shift stuck in park might be a problem with the brake switch. Whenever the brake light is not on when you push on the brake, the switch could be the source of trouble. You have to confirm that it is functioning and plugged in.

The Failure of Shifter Interlock

The brake-shift interlock is preventing the shifting of a vehicle so you can’t accidentally run it to reverse or drive. Absence of this function in the old cars can caused many injuries and property damage. You may need to apply the brakes for the shifter interlock in order to release the lock and also allow the vehicle to move of the park position.

Now, why is it hard to shift my automatic transmission out of park? If a vehicle is parked on a slight incline, it may put more load on the transmission parking pawl . The weight of vehicle rolling to the parking pawl may makes it harder to shift out of Park. Those are the information about why is it hard to shift my automatic transmission out of park that might help your problem.

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