Why Is My Transmission Shifts Hard When Hot?

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Why is my transmission shifts hard when hot? Have you ever asked this question? Transmission has a crucial role in the drive train. It is responsible to transferring engine power to the rear wheels and driveshaft. Most transmissions last 300,000 miles or even more with regular service and maintenance. Hard transmission shifting can be a sign that your transmission needs a repair. There are a number of reasons of hard shifting.

Understanding why is my transmission shifts hard when hot

When the transmission refuses to shift from one gear to another, it means it has hard shifting. Here are the most common causes of hard transmission shifting:

  • Problem with transmission fluid

The fluid plays a significant role in the good health of transmission. When the fluid is worn out, it can lead to a hard shifting transmission. Worn out transmission fluid generally contains too much dirt or sludge resulting in the difficulty of changing gears. Both manual and automatic cars definitely need clean fluid that flows easily throughout the car’s transmission.

Using wrong fluid can also cause hard shifting. It’s not uncommon for car owners to use wrong fluids or mix up the fluids in their cars. They don’t realize that it can cause serious problems such as overheating, poor lubrication, and transmission failure. If you don’t want to destroy your transmission, don’t ever mistakenly adding fluid.

Another thing regarding the transmission fluid that can lead to hard shifting is low fluid levels. Even, your car will not shift at all. Remember that the main function of transmission fluid is to lubricate the overall transmission system. In addition, the fluid is responsible to absorb heat so that the entire system won’t overheat.

Driving on low transmission fluid is dangerous because it leads to transmission failures. An immediate action should be taken when you realize the transmission fluid gets too low.

  • Worn out transmission

If the transmission fluid is fine, it’s likely that the problem of rough shifting is caused by the transmission itself. In manual vehicles, the problems can be caused by worn gear synchronizers and worn clutch. Meanwhile, in automatic transmission systems, the worn out transmission’s needle bearing is the one to blame.

How to prevent the transmission from hard shifting

Adding new transmission fluid is the way to prevent your transmission from hard shifting. In addition to hard shifting, there are other signs that you need to add transmission fluid such as gear slippage, overheated transmission system, and erratic shifts.

When you experience the problems above, it’s time to add new transmission fluid. If you plan to do it on your own, make sure you do it properly. Start by choosing the right transmission fluid that is suitable with your vehicle. Then, follow the manual.

Knowing the reasons of why is my transmission shifts hard when hot is not enough. It’s also important to know how to deal with the problem. In addition to adding new transmission fluid, having the car regularly serviced is necessary for a restored performance and extended lifespan for the transmission.

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